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New Year, New Attitude

Happy New Year!

I always get excited for the new year. Whether it’s for health, personal reasons, or business, it feels so right to set some goals for a super great new year! I am a dreamer…I like to visualize my goals and see them unfold in my mind. Usually this is a good thing…but before I started keto, another vision would creep up in my mind…the vision of trying to lose weight on yet another diet, and not being able to follow through for long.

I used to always start the new year with excited vigor…ready to give it 100%! THIS is going to be the year I finally lose all of the extra weight! But past experience told me that the odds of this really happening (and lasting) were slim to none.

Do you feel like this every year? Ready to make a real change, but then as time goes on it dwindles?

I used to feel like this until I started keto. The reason it feels different now is because I feel great all of the time and keto is my lifestyle and not my diet. There is no start or stop. There is ebb and flow though, meaning I am not always 100% in ketosis, I go in and out of keto/low carb depending on what is going on (holidays, vacations, etc.).

I remember back when I was "dieting," it was such a defeating feeling for me. I would either be "killing it" or "failing at it," and the failing times really did a number on my confidence and self-esteem. Not to mention I felt like I wasn’t able to keep the commitment I made to myself to lose weight, so then that became a cycle of not following through on the promises/goals I set for myself and feeling bad about that.

I noticed I started to have a mental shift once I started keto…it was not "all or nothing" or "killing it/failing at it"… it just was. Keto is my lifestyle, and whether I am in ketosis or not, I feel so good eating this way.

One thing I do notice, though, is that when I am out of ketosis for too long (ie: long vacation), I feel an energy lag. If you have been in ketosis before you know what I mean…there is almost an energy high about being in ketosis that feels SO great…it’s addicting and you really want to stay in that zone. I crave it now and it’s for that reason that keto is a lifestyle for me. Who could ever say that being on a low calorie diet is a lifestyle? Who could say that doing something really severe like the HCG Diet is a lifestyle?

It’s so freeing to me to live my life this way. According to my doctors (regular GP as well as my naturopathic doctor), "Whatever you are doing, keep doing it!" My test results have never been better. I turn 52 years old in March and I feel like I am 30.

I hope this year is an amazing one for you…I hope that you embrace a lifestyle that suits your life, you get healthy, have more energy and you feel like you are "killing it" everyday, not just for the first 2 weeks of January. #noguilt just #lifestyle.

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You got this!
Leta ~ Intentionally Bare

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