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Why Bone Broth is SO Amazing for Your Health!

With our bi-annual Bone Broth Cleanse coming up soon, I wanted to talk about why you should consider including bone broth (actual broth and/or my Intentionally Bare Bone Broth Protein) part of your daily routine.  Bone broth is a superfood!  It supports good gut health, it makes your skin glow and your joints happy (hello collagen!) and it supports any eating plan you may be on due to it’s low calories and filling nature.

Bone Broth helps improve:

* Sleep 

* Cellulite 

* Allergies 

* Leaky Gut 

* Weight Loss 

* Joint Health 

* Inflammation 

* Skin, Hair, Nails

* Immune System 

* Memory/Anxiety 

* Food Intolerances

Making fresh bone broth is so satisfying and delicious, but it’s time consuming, you need bones to make it, and we don’t always have time.

I created my Intentionally Bare Bone Broth Protein powder to address this need. It’s a dried power made of pure bone broth, from grass-fed, pasture raised cows. It has all of the gut healing properties of fresh bone broth, but it’s portable and easy to mix and has NO beef flavor. It’s actually better than ‘broth’ because it has 20g’s of protein per serving (‘broth’ bone broth only has 7g’s per cup) and has more collagen, minerals and amino acids. We use bones from grass-fed, pasture raised beef. 

Why beef?  Because beef bones have the highest amounts of collagen compared to any other animal.  There is no beef flavor because the bones have no flavor and it’s cooked without salt or other seasonings. That means you can make it into anything you want.

It comes in unflavored, chocolate and vanilla and is so easy to make into a delicious drink by just adding the nut milk of your choice (you can also use water).


❓  Do you use bone broth regularly?  If so, what benefits do you notice? 👇

You got this!

💗 Leta

~ Intentionally Bare