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Recommitting to Health [Part I]

You’re feeling amazing on keto/low carb… you’re prioritizing your health… you feel amazing, you’re losing weight, losing inches, and your health labs have never been better.  Then for one reason or another you’re NOT.  As in… not into it… AT ALL.

You not only fell off the wagon… you poured gas on it and lit that baby up!

I know many of you can relate to what I’m saying 💗

Try not to use circumstances as excuses… think about why you made the decision mentally to not just go off your plan temporarily, but why you went off in such a big way and for such a long time.  Taking some time for inner reflection is very powerful.  Blaming circumstances gives us a free pass and doesn’t allow us to take ownership of the reasons we chose to do the things we did or didn’t do.

🔹  For me to recommit to my health in the way I did before, I needed to work on a few things:

  1. Mentality… I needed to do the work to figure out why I went off
  2. Facts – got my labs done and saw them in black and white
  3. Got on the *cough* scale
  4. Took my measurements

Once all of that loveliness was over, I realized how I got here and what it’s going to take to get back… I am not happy where I am right now, and I am the only one who can change this.  Knowing why I did what I did will help me when there are times that I choose to go off.  I am perfectly fine going off again, I just don’t want to STAY off (ideally more than 1 meal or 1 day).

After doing the inner work to get to this place, I’m feeling excited about this journey back to health!  I remember how excited I felt when I came up with new meal ideas or found a recipe that I loved.

🔹  A few things I’m going to do differently this time around:

  1. I know I have to treat this as a lifestyle or I will regain the weight again
  2. I do not need to always be super strict, balance is key for longevity
  3. No one will know if I am eating/drinking at social events, just have fun 😊

🔹  My plan this time is going to look like this:

  1. Daily fasting, macro tracking, 1 ‘one and done’ per week (1 meal)
  2. No daily alcohol but a ‘one and done’ for special occasions
  3. Fasting until noon (18 hour fast)
  4. Break my fast with my Intentionally Bare Anti-Aging Protein Shake (always first)
  5. Lunch: Lots of veggies, protein and fat (or I’ll do OMAD)
  6. Lunch Dessert: Fatty coffee (Intentionally Bare MCT Oil, Intentionally Bare MCT Powder)
  7. Dinner: Rest of macros
  8. Dinner Dessert: Keto Oatmeal (you can find many recipes in my Guides)
  9. After dinner: Tea ONLY, no food

Once I start to feel the energy again, I do want to add in some longer fasts.  I purposely included one free meal per week (‘one and done’) because I want to know I have that to look forward to.  There may be weeks I don’t even have the ‘one and done’ meal and there may be weeks I have more than 1 ‘one and done’, but mentally I want to know it’s available to me.  On a ‘one and done’ day I will try to do OMAD to offset this meal (and because then I won’t need to track macros) – yay, extra bonus! Lol

Can you relate?  Please share so others can benefit and we can support each other

💗 Leta

~ Intentionally Bare