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Motivational Monday Organization and Planning

Organization and Planning – Less Stress, Better Health, Saves Money

I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying ‘if you fail to plan you plan to fail’… it may be a bit corny but it’s pretty accurate.  ‘Winging it’ and not being organized and prepared does more than sabotage our weight loss efforts. It can cause a lot of stress and anxiety!  Which is a double whammy because stress increases our cortisol levels, which increases our insulin. Insulin is the fat storage hormone and stops fat loss in its tracks!

Ok, now that I have you REALLY stressed out, let’s talk about why being organized and planning ahead helps us and easy ways we can implement systems that are super easy (and will actually save us time, money and frustration)!

  1. Visual does count

From a completely visual standpoint, having a lot of clutter around and not having our things/food organized creates stress in our heads.  If there is a shit-show of stuff piled up in your kitchen, cupboards, bedroom, workout room etc., you are not going to feel very motivated.  Seeing visual clutter is known to make feel people overwhelmed.  Take the time - maybe in the evening when you are trying not to eat and clean up your clutter, clean out your fridge and cupboards so you know what you have… crank the music up and let your freak flag fly!! (sorry… is this just a ‘me’ thing)?

  1. Know your inventory levels

It’s really good to know what you have.  I have a shelving system in my garage and in my laundry room (I do not have a big lovely kitchen pantry that many people are lucky to have) but I have made this work for me.  I can clearly see what I have, so when I grab the last one I can add that item to my grocery list for the next time I’m there.  If I see a fave product on sale… I buy a few to stock up. 

  1. Plan ahead

Planning your meals ahead of time (ie:  a week ahead) allows you to check the weekly fliers to see what’s on sale and plan your meals around them if you like. It gives you time to get to the store and get the ingredients needed and helps you to be more successful with your eating plan because you are not hungry and scrambling to make ‘something out of nothing’ at the last minute because you know what you’re eating ahead of time you can make better decisions.  If you are someone that really loves to eat out, plan for your one night out a week or whatever you like, and of course looking ahead at the online menu really helps (I always have my Intentionally Bare MCT Capsules in my purse at ALL times so I can pop some open and add to my salad, coffee, etc.. when dining out).

  1. Always make MORE!

Whether you live on your own, with a spouse or have a whole family to feed, when you are making food, whenever possible MAKE MORE!  It’s just as much work to double or triple a recipe.  Then freeze the left overs (I do them in single servings so if my family is having a carb laden meal I’ll pop out one of my keto meals from the freezer as my dinner).  If you live alone this is even more helpful.  Double any recipe and freeze them as a full meal, with veggies, cauliflower rice, etc., and you are ready with your ‘keto tv dinner’ anytime you get busy!

  1. Meal replacements and meal prep – make life easy on yourself!

If you have a busy work schedule, or even just at home, my Intentionally Bare keto products make amazing meal replacements, energy drinks and help you during your fasting times (MCT oil products and KetoBHB are great during your fasting window).  Whether you use my products and/or your meal prep the night before for work, planning ahead creates SUCCESS.

Do you take the time to organize and plan?  If you do, what are some tips you can share?  If you don’t, do you feel making the effort to do some of these things might help you be more successful? Join the discussion in my Intentionally Bare Keto Support Group on Facebook!

You got this!


~ Intentionally Bare


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