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Motivational Monday: Keto Your Way

Keto Your Way - It’s ok to do Things Differently

You research, read books, watch YouTube videos, read blogs, hear opinions in Facebook groups; there is no shortage of information.

Yes, there is a general set of keto rules that make this way of getting healthy the most optimal (look for the Guide tab, Guide 2: New to Keto in my Intentionally Bare Keto Support Group on Facebook, but there are a TON of variables that can get downright confusing!

High fat or lower fat, sweeteners or no sweeteners, moderate protein or high protein, fasting or feasting, calories during the fasting window or zero calories during the fasting window, lots of veggies, low oxalate veggies or carnivore?

What works the best?

Well, they could ALL be right for you, and they could all be wrong for you, depending on your health conditions, metabolism, insulin response and preferences. At certain times in your life (and your goals) one version may work better, but later on you feel better changing it up. What works for one, may not work for another; doing the exact same thing ALL the time can also stall your weight loss efforts.

Whether it’s from a keto expert, a medical practitioner or someone who has ‘done that’ and decided to document their journey on YouTube, it gets quite confusing the more you research.

What works is what works for YOU

How do you know?

You listen to your body, you experiment, and most of all you do enough research from many different sources so you get a wide variety of opinions.

You have to make the effort to determine what works best for YOUR body

Here is the really great news: you do not have to do anything that anyone says you HAVE to do (or NOT do). I have experimented with every type of keto protocol, fasting protocol and most health modalities than I can count. Some worked well for me, others didn’t work at all (and/or I was not feeling happy doing them). They have taught me so much about how my body works, how my body responds and most importantly, what I ENJOY.

You’ve been on crappy ‘you must eat this/do this’ rigid diets; we all have. Use this opportunity to tailor your keto diet to your lifestyle, your schedule, your family, your budget and your HAPPINESS!

This is what creates a magical life (we’re talking keto here, but this applies to everything in life doesn’t it)?

Listen, read, research, test, then YOU do YOU 💜

You got this!


~ Intentionally Bare