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Motivational Monday: Keto Success 💗 Interview with Shari Abdalla

Shari has been a nurse for 31 years but was plagued with some pretty serious illnesses prior to starting keto.  High blood pressure, angioedema and lupus to name 3 of them.  Not content with taking the 2 medications her doctor prescribed her, Shari searched for a better way… and she found keto.

Knowing there were no shortcuts, Shari didn’t just do ‘low carb’, she embraced keto fully for the healing properties it brings.  She tracked her macros, eliminated grains 100% and used my Intentionally Bare products to support her weight loss and health journey.

Though you can lose weight and improve health conditions doing low carb/dirty keto, there is no better way to deal with stubborn weight and health conditions then strict/clean keto… and that is just what Shari did.

Through living the ketogenic lifestyle, fasting and working out, Shari has lost 50 lbs and has reversed all of her health conditions naturally!

Shari’s story is so inspiring, you’re going to want to tune in for this one!


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