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I’m a New Girl Now


Do you guys remember the 1984 song "New Girl Now" by Honeymoon Suite? Now I am Canadian so not sure if this is just a Canuck thing, but Honeymoon Suite was pretty popular when I was in high school.

The song is a guy telling his ex-girlfriend to leave him alone because he has a new girlfriend. He has to keep repeating that he has "a new girl now," and he doesn't want anything to do with his ex.

I was thinking of this song the other day and how it's really the way I feel about myself since living the Keto lifestyle for the past year. Yes, I am the same person in a lot of ways, but so many things have changed, and I am a "new girl" in a lot of ways, mentally and physically.

Is Keto really just about the food we eat?

For me, it's not. Keto is about empowerment. Keto is about taking control of my health. Keto is about living my most authentic self.

How are these things connected?

When I used to eat a high-carb diet, I could never lose weight. I tried everything in existence (trust me, there is not a diet or modality that I did not work!), but I was rarely successful. The few times I did make progress, it never lasted. Why? Because let's face it: it SUCKED!

So then I would feel so bad about myself.

"I have no willpower."
"I am a failure."
"I am just not strong enough."

I told myself these things daily.

It wasn't until I adopted the Keto lifestyle did I realize that I have a ton of will power! I am not a failure! And I AM strong!

I AM a new girl now!

If you have ever had those feelings of inadequacy, please realize that they were the carbs talking. The longer you live the Keto lifestyle, you will recognize those were never your problems.

Need support to get rid of those feelings of inadequacy? Need someone to build you up while you tackle this lifestyle change? Join my Facebook group and find tons of like-minded people who have been through the same things you're going through! Support is just a few clicks away!

You got this!
Leta ~ Intentionally Bare

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