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Did the party go on a little too long?

What? The party isn’t over?

Do you ever find that ‘sometimes’ when we have a holiday or celebration… the party lasts a looooooong time?  I swear my birthday celebrations last a month!

If you veered off your eating plan during a celebration, vacation or something upsetting, and you still have not gotten back on track, maybe today is the day? If you have a hard time getting back to keto after falling off the wagon, keep reading… I might make you feel better about yourself, lol!

So I have to admit something to you… the weekend before the 4th of July was the Canada Day long weekend. I started off super good, I mean, unreal good. Then… I decided to have these cheezies. Now, these are not just any old cheezies… these are 100% natural, non-GMO, organic, OMGosh the best-tasting cheezies EVER, and, ‘lower’ in carbs than say potato chips. I thought I deserve a treat, right? NOT. They are made from corn. I am always gluten-free, but I also try to be grain-free as well. I have not had any grains for quite a few months. Having these cheezies (ok, it was like a decent bowl, who am I kidding) set off a S#*% STORM of carb cravings that I could not believe. The rest of the weekend, I was still keto, but I kept adding ‘this and that,’ and I was SO hungry! Tired and hungry.

I also noticed I was feeling anxious and ‘down’ even days after. My thyroid wasn’t happy either, I was so tired. So for me, grains are a NO, but throw in high carbs too? Disaster for this insulin resistant chick. I started to feel ‘achy’ from the grains too.

So my plan after the long weekend was to get right back to keto, forgive myself of my transgressions and move on. Well, guess what? It wasn’t guilt that prevented me from moving on... it was the HORRENDOUS carb cravings! How do mere mortals do it? Hunger, carb cravings, tired… my superpowers were gone, and I was starting to forget how I even felt running on ketones!

So after a good pep talk with one of my accountability partners, I got my proverbial s#%! together and went to my tried and true ‘get back on track,’ never fail plan.

My go-to ‘get back on track’ method is pretty easy and forgiving. I eat however much I want for two days after not being ‘keto perfect,’ but the one rule I have is ‘zero grains and sugar.’ I don’t care if it ‘fits keto,’ these are out (they are always out for me on keto anyway). They contribute to inflammation and make carb cravings so much worse… so anything else keto-friendly is a go, even if my carbs are higher, for two days. I keep my fat a lot lower because now my body might be running on glucose (carbs + fat = weight gain). Lots of water and electrolytes. After two days of this, I start back on my regular keto plan.

This works for me because anytime I go off keto, my carb cravings are SO horrendous… some of us will always have this addiction to carbs, like seriously... forever. So we have to nip the carb cravings as soon as possible. Going ‘cold turkey’ back into keto can sometimes make your hunger and carb cravings even worse, and as I said if you are running on glucose and add a bunch of fat into your diet? Hello, weight gain. So this ‘transition plan’ works well for me.

Give my ‘get back on track’ plan a try the next time you veer off 

Need some extra support the next time you’re tempted by a holiday weekend? Hop on over to my Facebook group where a whole bunch of us can help keep you on track!


You got this!

Leta ~ Intentionally Bare


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