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Recovery from Illness While Keto

While Coronavirus (Covid-19) is on everyone’s mind recently, illness doesn’t always mean a major virus. An illness can be something as minor as a stomach bug or hangover recovery, or it could be something much more encumbering. Either way, recovering from an illness is all about supporting your body as it works toward optimal health. Keto is the perfect way to feed your body while you’re recovering from an illness, but there are other ways to help your body take the necessary steps.

Recovering from illness while you’re keto can be challenging. It’s not unusual to really crave comfort foods. There’s a reason those foods are called comfort foods; you’ve been conditioned since childhood to eat those foods when you’re in need of comfort. But indulging in comfort foods can backfire. For one, if you’ve been keto for a while, suddenly ingesting some chicken noodle soup can cause havoc in your digestive tract. That’s not something you need while you’re already ill. For another, if you give in to carb cravings while you’re not feeling well, it can cause you to slide down that slippery slope toward completely falling off the keto wagon.

There are better ways to support your body as you’re recovering from illness. I’ve outlined several here.

Keto On

There are several reasons to remain keto as you recover from an illness. First of all, grains can increase inflammation. The thing is, inflammation is already something that happens when you’re fighting off an illness. So the system that causes inflammation is already working hard to do it’s part in getting rid of whatever it is that has invaded your body. That’s one of the reasons that you may experience bone, muscle, and joint aches when you have the flu or a stomach bug. But like all of your bodily systems, that part of your immune system slows down as you recover, as it should. When you’re eating grains, you can cause that response to continue for longer, meaning you’ll feel achy for longer.

Keto also positively impacts the immune system. In a study performed at Yale Medical School, mice fed the keto diet had a better survival rate than those who were not fed a keto diet. The mice had lower levels of virus present in their bodies. The study also found that the keto diet increased t-cell proliferation. T-cells have a variety of roles in the immune response, including killing pathogens and activating other immune parts of the immune system.

Drink Bone Broth

Listen, there’s a reason your grandma’s chicken noodle soup made you feel better when you were a kid. First of all, the soup was loaded with tons of herbs, including garlic and rosemary, which increase your immune system’s effectiveness. Bone broth also has collagen, which helps to repair your gut; a functioning gut is necessary to your body’s immune function; healthy bowel movement is an essential component of ridding your body of bacteria. Of course, making a great bone broth from scratch isn’t always practical, especially when you’ve been sick. Intentionally Bare’s bone broth powder makes it quick and easy for you to get those important nutrients when you need them.


It’s tempting to jump back into your regular schedule the second you start to feel better. I’m seeing this a lot right now because so many people are working from home. You feel up to the walk into your office area, so why not log in and check your work email and Slack messages, right? The thing is, jumping into your day-to-day routine too soon can actually set you back, especially if you’ve been really sick. Let your partner or friend help with the kids, make a quick meal of eggs or salad, and then get really friendly with your blanket and remote control. This is the time when you should be focusing on Netflix.


We’ve heard a lot about self-isolation and quarantining with the Covid-19 outbreak. The thing is, many illnesses could be reduced if we allowed ourselves the time to stay inside when we’re sick. Get your groceries delivered. Take advantage of specials offered by restaurant delivery services. Don’t go visit friends, back to work, or to public gatherings until you know you’re on the road to recovery. Plus, self-isolation kind of forces your hand when it comes to rest. It serves two purposes.


I’m a big fan of using supplements when you’re following the keto diet. Supplements keep your body functioning optimally, and are important for exercise recovery and for getting through the keto flu. But supplements can help support our body as we heal. Important supplements for when we’re sick include elderberry, zinc, and vitamin D.

Water, water, water

None of us drink enough water. Water is extremely important to your recovery from illness. First, it helps to flush pathogens out of your body. Second, it helps your blood flow better, so those immune system warriors can do their job. Yes, I’ve just told you to rest and now I’ve told you to interrupt your rest with hourly trips to the bathroom because of all the water you’re drinking. But it really is essential. If you’re experiencing a stomach bug, you may want to add Intentionally Bare Keto BHB Powder to the water. It will help replace electrolytes.

All in all, recovering from illness can be quick, as in the case of a 24-hour bug, or it can be something that takes weeks to achieve. Support your body’s health as a way to speed up the healing process.

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You got this!


~ Intentionally Bare


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