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Why Is Water So Important?

Water is one of those things. We all know we need it, and most of it aren’t drinking enough of it. It’s one of those beneficial things that we need all need more of. But do you know why water is so important for weight loss? Do you know how much water to drink on keto?

Is Water That Important?

To put it bluntly, yes. Water is vital to us for a wide variety of reasons. Sure, it’s not as flavorful as a can of Dr. Pepper or a Capri-Sun and we barely see commercial advertisements about it, but it sure does more for us than those drinks ever could. It keeps us hydrated, of course, but did you know it helps with digestion and lubricates joints? It also hydrates the skin and clears it up over time. Water is a great way to detox your body. If that wasn’t enough, water plays a crucial role in the regulation of our body temperature. Super important yet thankless jobs from our silent hero, Captain H2O. Seriously, when was the last time you looked at a bottle of water and thought about how much it does for us?

Probably never.

That’s okay. Most of us haven’t. That all changes now. It’s nearly impossible to live without water, but it does so much that we wouldn’t want to live without it anyway. Our body content is 60% water; we’re basically walking water bottles at this point. For those of you on keto, water also aids in weight loss. Since dehydration is a big risk on keto diets due to the changes in electrolytes and fluids caused by carbs, it’s encouraged that you drink water to avoid being dehydrated. Fluid excretion occurs during keto diets so it’s crucial that you drink plenty of water. So what are you waiting for? There’s no downside, so pick up that water bottle and start chugging.

What Exactly Does Water do for Us?

For starters, drinking water gives our bodies a natural way to get rid of waste quicker. We take in quite a few toxins in the course of living our lives, like mercury from fish, and pollutants in the air, and we could really use the extra push to flush them out. The toxins are circulated out of your body faster by water. Your kidney function is increased too since the less hydrated you are, the less your kidneys will function at an optimal rate. It also acts as a cushion for your organs and tissues by protecting them. Nutrients are carried all over your body and to your cells with the help of water too. Surprisingly enough, we lose water every day through sweating, breathing, and going to the bathroom. This is an awesome process for our bodies because when those old fluids leave our bodies with everything that’s being flushed out, it also leaves room for new fluid intake which is essential for hydration and health. 

Water and Weight

In regards to weight, water really helps us lose that extra fluff with absolutely no downside. Drinking water boosts your metabolism, especially if it’s super cold. Your body needs to work more in order to warm the water so your metabolism is increased. It also helps suppress your hunger pangs, as it is a natural appetite suppressor. No more needless snacking! Additionally, when you drink more water, your body stops retaining old water from before which leads to losing water weight. In their first few weeks on keto, most people lose three to eight pounds of just water weight! Water is also 0% calories so there’s literally no limit as to how much you can drink! Another great reason to drink water is that by doing so before a meal you reduce your calorie intake because you feel more full. Not only that, but it also aids in burning calories and is literally needed to burn fat. Water can help burn two to three percent more fat. Water may even improve your motivation to exercise so there’s even more reason to start drinking more.


How Much Water to Drink on Keto?

Of course, that’s the big question, isn’t it? You need to drink enough water to keep everything moving, especially since you may be consuming less fiber. But you also need to be aware that you will be consuming more water than you may before, so you will be consuming less electrolytes (supplement with pickle juice or Powerade Zero). Believe it or not, how much water to drink on keto is one of the most-asked questions in my Intentionally Bare Keto Facebook group. I usually advise people to determine 75% of their body weight, then drink that much in ounces each day. If you’re getting tired of plain water, you can always add a little Mio flavoring, or my Intentionally Bare Keto BHB Powder.

The Last Sip

Overall, we really just need to keep up with drinking water and getting our daily fill. Water is essential and not only to survive and live but to also assist and push our bodily functions to the best working potential they could achieve. Water is a natural detoxifier, cleanser, and regulator just a few cups a day will make such a huge difference over time. Without it, we probably wouldn’t be as functional or healthy as we should be. Water puts us in optimal condition and sometimes it’s all you really need to feel better. Ditch the sodas and juices. They won’t make you glow up like water will. It all starts with just a single cup.

So what are you waiting for? Do your body a favor and drink up. You deserve this.


You got this!


~ Intentionally Bare

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