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Love the One You’re With


Not everyone in your life is going to be Keto.

I mean, WE love it and would like EVERYONE to join this cult--oops! I meant "way of eating"--but let’s face it, sometimes we need to go it alone. How do you cook for your family, partner, kids, and more when you are the only one eating Keto?

Something funny happened on my way to losing forty-five pounds living the Keto lifestyle. While my clothes were getting looser, my husband’s were getting tighter! It was a mystery--he wasn't doing Keto, but what was happening?

The solution occurred to me one day while I was cooking. As I was adding a full can of coconut milk and 1/4 cup of butter to my butter chicken recipe, I thought, "I can eat all of this fat because I am not eating many carbs and my protein intake is moderate, but my husband eats way more carbs and much higher protein. So, even though all of this fat I have been adding to my recipes is causing me to lose weight, it's causing him to gain weight!"

Talk about a lightbulb moment.

After I realized this (and apologized for the extra workouts he had to do to make up for it), I started cooking differently.

Take my butter chicken for example. I would make it the traditional way, then dish up a portion for myself. To this, I would add more butter, avocado oil, et cetera to really boost my fat intake. If I’ve prepared a meal that I can’t add extra fat, I can use MCT oil (Amazon US | Amazon CA) to bring up my fat intake. By adding my extra fat separately, his portion is left with less fatty goodness (he has no idea what he is missing), but it won’t cause him to gain weight. It’s funny how just a little change in meal preparation can make all the difference for both of us.

My fat-adapted body runs on fat, but my husband’s body runs on glucose. Adding a lot of extra fat to a body that runs on glucose adds more calories--which his body can't burn off the way mine can.

The same thing happens to me, but with carbs instead of fats. When I am on vacation or decide to "not be 100% Keto" (horrendous, but it does happen), I feel myself gaining weight pretty quickly. My fat-burning body is looking for, well, fat. However, since it’s only getting carbohydrates, it has to switch gears. My body runs much more efficiently on fat than it does on glucose.

I am still trying to get my husband to convert to Keto, but in the meantime, he is still getting the health benefits of good fats--just not so much that he’s gaining unhealthy weight.

If you have non-Keto people in your family, see what you can do to make your meals a win-win for everyone to enjoy. You never want to hear a loved one say, "Thanks for the extra five pounds!"

Want to join my Keto Cult? Okay, it’s not really a cult, but it is a Facebook group where a bunch of Intentionally Bare keto lovers come together to support each other and find ways to succeed with the keto lifestyle. We would love for you to join us!


You got this!
Leta ~ Intentionally Bare

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