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Shout It . . . Shout It . . . Shout It Out Loud!


I love my Keto lifestyle so much! I talk about it all the time: in line at the grocery store, at the dentist's office, at parties, at the liquor store (buying my zero-carb vodka). It doesn’t matter where I am; I will talk Keto ALL day long to ANYONE!

My kids say to me, "Mom, it’s like you're in a cult! You talk to everyone about Keto." If we have guests for dinner and I start to talk about Keto, I get the proverbial eye roll too!

I can’t help it! Why would I not want to talk about this fantastic way of living?

I don’t think of it as "preaching," I think of it as "helping." So many people have never even heard of the Keto lifestyle, let alone the science behind it! For instance, I had thought that there could be a connection between high insulin levels and diabetes before I began my Keto journey.

I think if there is something that has changed your life, you owe it to others to talk about it and share your experience. Why would I keep this to myself? It’s totally changed my life for the better, and I want to tell as many people as I can about it.

I’ve even started a "Keto Club.” We don’t have matching t-shirts for members(although we do have Intentionally Bare keto merch!) or organized weekly meetings, but we do talk daily about our successes following the keto lifestyle. I will openly talk about it whenever the situation presents itself. I hope you do too!

The more people we can help get off the insulin roller coaster, the healthier our world will be.

I feel that by helping others, we give something great to ourselves.

Want to join my Keto Club? Membership is open to anyone-those fully embracing the Keto lifestyle to those who are just considering the pros and cons. We meet online in a Facebook group! I would love to help answer your questions and help you find a way to implement Keto in your life!


You got this!
Leta ~ Intentionally Bare

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