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Keto Success by Intentionally Bare

Keto Success by Intentionally Bare

I’ve been working on a really big project for the last several months, and it’s finally time to share it with you.

You see, for a long time, I’ve understood the importance of support. It’s why I started my Intentionally Bare Keto Support Group on Facebook. I wanted a community where a group of people could support each other through the trials and tribulations of losing weight and getting healthier with the ketogenic diet.

However, I learned from feedback that some people who were new to keto needed something that was a bit more put-together. They needed support, but they needed it in an environment where they felt more comfortable to ask those “newbie” questions. Where they could learn to do keto on their terms, in a way that fit their busy lifestyle.

Does that sound like you?

Keto Success by Intentionally Bare is my new keto coaching program. It’s designed to empower people like you who are new to keto. People who want to learn how to do keto in a guided, supportive environment, from the comfort of their home.

Listen, if you’ve spent any time reading my blog, you probably know that I’ve had my moments where I’ve struggled with weight loss just like you.

You know that I truly found success when I adopted the keto lifestyle. And that I wanted to share my success and knowledge with others, so I started my support group.

And now I’m starting Keto Success because I want to help people who need a little more support. It’s a 21-day guided program. It’s all about empowerment. I’m teaching people who are new to keto how to do keto around busy lives, how to make it work with families, how to create healthy plates that are keto-friendly, and how to adopt a lifestyle that’s livable for the long-haul. I want to set you up for success!

Keto Success is perfect for anyone who:

  • Has bought my Intentionally Bare Products but isn’t sure where to start
  • Has tried other weight loss programs but felt overwhelmed with the pressure to do things “just right.”
  • Has tried other weight loss programs but had issues because of food allergies or food aversions
  • Is concerned because you have a very busy life and may not have time to cook special foods

This will be a small, intimate, online group setting, perfect for getting started on your journey to be the best you, you can be!

Do you want to learn more? You can find out more here!

I would love to see you there!

You got this!


~ Intentionally Bare


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