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Keto is not a 'one size fits all'


Have you ever tried a specific diet or style of eating and thought, "this seems to work so well for others, but it's not working for me; what am I doing wrong?"

I think it's imperative that you find out some things about your body if you do not already know. Food sensitivities are a huge area; left unchecked, you will have inflammation. When you're already fighting inflammation, you will have a hard time reaping the benefits from any healthy eating plan you embark on.

How is your gut health? Grains, in particular, are very hard on the gut and can destroy the good bacteria. When this happens, your body is not able to absorb the vitamins and nutrients you are trying to feed it. When we eat grains, it causes our stomach to have little tiny openings, which causes large molecules to escape, which leads to allergies and food sensitivities. It's a vicious cycle.

I started using bone broth years ago to heal my gut from all of the years of eating gluten, sugar, and the other foods that did not work for my body. Bone broth is one of the most gut healing foods on the planet. I make my own bone broth regularly and I also our Intentionally Bare Bone Broth Powder (US | Canada), made from grass-fed and pasture-raised cows.

Two books on this subject of grains and food sensitivities that I really like are Grain Brain and Wheat Belly.

I think the best way to eat keto is to do it your way. By that I mean the way that works best for your body (which may not be the way that works best for my body, or your sister's body, or your cousin's). I had a food sensitivity test done (to confirm what I already knew to be true) and gluten, eggs, and dairy are not suitable for my body. I always knew this based on how I felt when I ate these foods but did not realize how great I could feel until I cut them all out of my diet.

I used to have a lot of allergy and inflammation problems, and now they are gone. I eat keto honoring what my body is telling me.

Eat those foods and feel bad; it's that simple.

I also know (based on testing myself with my blood ketosis meter) that I stay in high ketosis when I have fat regularly, including if I am intermittent fasting. A lot of experts say to only have water during the fasting state, but I do not feel as energetic when I do that, and I do not stay in ketosis. However, that is me, and everyone is different. Do experiments on yourself to see how you feel and what works for your body.

I think it's vital that you do keto your way so you get the maximum health benefit from this remarkable lifestyle. Our bodies are screaming for us to listen. All you need to do is pay attention to what it is saying. Keto is a win-win as far as weight loss and incredible health benefits. Do it in the way that works for you and your body, and you can't lose.

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You got this!
Leta ~ Intentionally Bare

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