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Testing for Ketosis


I admit it.

I am a natural health freak.

More than that, I'm an experiment geek. I like to test different things on myself and as Dave Asprey (Bulletproof Coffee fame) says ‘I’m a bio-hacker and I bio-hack my body continuously.’ I am like that too; there probably isn’t any health modality I don’t know about or haven’t tried on myself.

Which brings me to ketosis testing. Why test for ketosis at all? It’s a perfect measurement to see how you are doing on keto. If your numbers are off, you are not getting the maximum benefits of this remarkable lifestyle. Knowing your ketosis number tells you if you need to change your macros.

Let’s first talk about the different ways you can test for ketosis:

Urine strips - this is probably the most common way to test for ketosis. It’s very inexpensive and works pretty well in the beginning. The problem with urine strips is they stop working once your body is fully fat adapted. The strips are measuring beta-Hydroxybutyrate, and over time, once your body is fully fat adapted, the body is very good at hiding the beta-Hydroxybutyrate, and the strips will no longer be effective.

Breathalyzers - breathalyzers have become a lot more popular over the last few years. The main benefit is you do not have to buy anything else after your first purchase. Ketosis breathalyzers are expensive. Using a breathalyzer can be tricky, many say you have to do it ‘just right,’ or it does not work or is not accurate. Way too finicky for me.

Blood ketosis meter - this is by far my favorite method and the only way I measure my ketones now. A blood ketosis meter will measure your ketones with 100% accuracy. You prick your finger and use a strip that you put in the meter, and it measures your ketones; it’s effortless to use. I actually have a dual blood glucose/ketosis meter, so I can measure my glucose levels too. The brand I use is Precision, which you can find at Amazon or your local drug store.

I go through different times where I will test myself twice a day for a week, and I will track my numbers, to see how I am doing in the way I am eating. After that, I’ll do my own thing based on the info I got from that week. I do this anytime I try something new in my keto diet plan, or when know I have popped out of ketosis (i.e.: vacation) and need to know when I am back ‘in the game.’ If I'm close but not quite in ketosis, some extra BHBs (US | Canada) may push me back over.

Is ketosis testing for you? That’s up to you to decide, but those are the ways you can test yourself if you want to. Even if you only do it periodically, I think it’s valuable info to know about how you’re doing on keto.

Do you have questions about the ketogenic diet? I would love to answer them for you! Pop into my Facebook group to post your questions, and meet over 10,000 others who are rocking the keto lifestyle!


You got this!
Leta ~ Intentionally Bare

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