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You need to make this for your next Summer Party: Hot Crab Dip

Have you been invited to a Summer Pool party, Birthday celebration, potluck, or maybe just a family get together? If so, I can hook you up with a great keto summer side dish to make.


If you are following the Keto Lifestyle, getting invited to parties may have you a bit worried.  Most often, these events involve cookouts, watermelon, beer, chips/dip, sugary sweets, and all those other foods that often tempt you. 


 For several tips on staying Keto at get-togethers, check out these tips. One of my biggest tips is to make a dish that you will enjoy and help you stay on track. I recommend making this keto summer side dish for your next party. 


This keto Hot Crab dip is super easy to keto summer side dish to make.  There are only 9 ingredients needed (and you probably already have most of them).  Hot Crap dip would be great with Pork Rinds or celery sticks.



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