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You don’t need to be EXTREME, just be CONSISTENT

Well it’s January again... many people take the opportunity to set goals and make new year’s resolutions.  If you’ve been off your game, or enjoyed the holidays a little too much, you might be tempted to ‘hit it hard’ in January... you know, the ‘all or nothing’ thing many of us do.

Doing things in an extreme fashion can be a disaster waiting to happen.  We go all in, 110%... but if we’ve been indulging too much or have been off keto for awhile, the odds are good we won’t be able to stick to this.

Let’s talk about constancy and how it’s a better way to help us reach our long term goals.

🔷 Ease on in

If you have been off your game, going from ‘free for all’ to ‘super strict’ can be a huge challenge.  If it’s too uncomfortable, it’s really easy to say ‘forget it.’  Your blood sugar could be high and dropping super low can cause HUGE carb cravings.  We don’t want to go backwards, we want to be consistent.  One great way to ease on in if you have been really off your game, is to omit grains and sugar for a few days to a week before jumping into keto macros.

🔷 Keto itself is AMAZING

I love fasting, cleanses and protein sparing modified fasts... but those are things best to incorporate after you have been doing ‘regular high fat keto’ for at least 3 weeks.  If you’re brand new to keto, 6 weeks is even better.  Don’t underestimate the amazing power of keto! (If you need a refresher or are brand new to keto, please read Keto 101 in Guide 2, in our Intentionally Bare support group).

🔷 All or nothing is perfectionism

Having a plan, having goals and taking action is amazing!  Staying consistent with our healthy plan is definitely the goal.  But if for some reason you go backsies, or decide to have a ‘one and done’...  PLEASE don’t let that be your ‘well I blew it, I may as well REALLY blow it’ swan song.  One bite, one meal or one day is NOT what will derail you and is not what will keep you from getting to your goal.  Being consistent doesn’t mean that the odd ‘one and done’ doesn’t happen.  Moving on immediately after IS consistency (and it’s real life) 😊

Do you find you are an ‘all or nothing’ person?  What do you say to yourself when you’ve been rocking it and then you go backsies? 👇