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Work Smarter - Not Harder

Do you find yourself doing things the hard way?  Do you ever say to yourself ‘that’s too much work, forget it’ ?

There are things we can do that will make our lives SO much easier, and the bonus is… they will make it easy for us to make the right choices effortlessly!

Here are a couple of examples of how we can work smarter and not harder:

🔹 Make more than you need

When you’re making a meal/recipe that freezes well, make double or triple!  Have it for dinner and portion out the rest and freeze it.  Put a piece of masking tape across the top with the date, the meal and the macros.  This makes it SO nice when you need something fast on another day!

🔹 Cut up a bunch of veggies

Having your veggies already washed and cut up, will save you SO much time!  It will also encourage you to have more (because let’s face it, when we are hungry the last thing we feel like doing is WORK)!  We want ‘easy.’  I even dice up peppers so I can measure them out for omelettes and other recipes.  Looking at the veggies in the fridge actually makes me tired and unmotivated to eat them... seeing them all cut up/diced up makes me think ‘what veggies will I use for this meal?’

🔹 Batch cook/make your go-to’s

On Sunday’s I like to batch cook a bunch of protein, do some keto baking and make a big container of my homemade Italian salad dressing (see image for recipe… btw it makes a great marinade for chicken or steak too).  I also make a big salad that will last for 2-3 days.  Doing this ahead of time takes the ‘I have nothing to eat’ out of the equation.


👉 What do you do that helps you to work smarter and not harder?  👇

💗 Leta

~ Intentionally Bare