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Why Fatty Coffee/Tea? Um… Let me Count The Ways

I LOVE coffee.
I have always loved coffee.
Don't even talk to me in the morning until I am caffeinated.
Stick in the IV... ah… ok, ready for the day.

Since starting Keto, I needed to get more fat into my diet, and I kept hearing about 'fatty coffee' (aka bulletproof coffee or keto coffee). I'm thinking, 'butter? In my coffee? Weird.' One day I decided to try it, I mean, if everyone is talking about it there must be some merit to it right? I love to experiment with anything and everything! I will try it at least once.


I was using MCT oil and unsweetened coconut oil, and that was good but butter? HOLY! Um… it's hard to articulate how amazing my coffee tastes now, plus while getting the benefit of more fat which can be hard to get in in the day.
I have tried making my coffee without butter and I can't!
I just can't! Noooooo… ABORT! Redo!

It's honestly the best-tasting coffee you'll ever have. There are a few different recipes out there, but this is how I make mine…

What you'll need:

  • A blender
  • Brewed coffee or steeped tea - I love matcha tea for this!
  • 1 tbsp MCT oil (US | Canada)
  • 1 tbsp grass-fed butter - Note: grass-fed has more vitamin K and minerals than regular butter, but you can certainly use regular butter, just NOT margarine. Margarine is 1 molecule away from plastic, do NOT use margarine! But that's a topic for another day
  • Stevia - To make it sweet!
  • MCT Oil Powder (optional) - To make it creamier, and to add some extra fat. (US | Canada)
  • How To: In the blender, add brewed coffee or steeped tea, MCT oil, butter, stevia (optional), and MCT Oil Powder (also optional). Once blended together, pour into your favorite mug!

This coffee is carb free, so you are not spiking your insulin levels, and you will be getting much needed amazing healthy fat that your body is craving!

For me, this is my breakfast every single day; that is all I have. When I am doing intermittent fasting, I will have two of these bad boys per day and then eat one meal (OMAD – one meal a day). I am NEVER hungry during the day. When I travel, I go to Starbucks (I LOVE strong coffee), and I ask them to put in two pads of butter into my almond milk latte (I don't eat a ton of dairy, so I like almond milk, but many people will get them to add heavy cream and butter). Starbucks will even mix in my stevia for me! Gotta love Starbucks! I bring my own MCT oil powder in my purse (mini containers), and I add that to my latte once I get it… it mixes instantly. There won't be enough fat with just butter, so the MCT oil powder really helps get my fat intake up.

Give it a try, even if you are not on a Keto/low carb diet!

In case you are interested in learning more about Keto, join me in my Intentionally Bare Keto facebook support group, we'd love to have you!

You got this!
Leta ~ Intentionally Bare

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