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What is your why?

Anything you do or not do in life usually has a reason behind it. When it comes to Keto, do you know what your ‘why’ is? Why do you do it? Really think about your answer. I bet once you get past the obvious answer and dig a little deeper, you’ll find your true ‘why.’

Why is your ‘why’ important to know? There are many things I’ve tried in my life that were short-lived. I gave them a shot, they didn’t work the way I thought they would, and I quit. I am not even talking about weight loss or health programs either; just in general. A lot of the things I have tried and moved on from did not last because my ‘why’ was not satisfied, and so my inner self knew that it was not worth my time to stay. In some cases, if I had really thought about what my ‘why’ was, I may have stuck it out and may have had some fantastic successes.

I am a people person, and I like to ask a lot of questions. When I travel and meet people that are doing Keto, I frequently ask them ‘what is your why? Why do you do Keto?’ Usually, the first thing they say is ‘to lose weight.’ Losing weight is a symptom of Keto, but it’s not your ‘why.’

What is your ‘why’? I bet you have a lot of ‘why’s’ that have nothing to do with weight and inches lost. These are the things that will give you the strength to power on when your Keto may not be going just as you planned. These are the things that will help you to not give up on something that could literally change your life. Your ‘why’ could be one thing or it could be many things. Your ‘why’ is personal to you and only you, but I encourage you to think about it and come up the real reason(s) you’re doing Keto; this will give you the passion for really embracing that Keto is a lifestyle and not just a vehicle to weight loss. Without a firm understanding of your why, Keto may possibly become something you try and quit when thing are not going exactly as you expected, or when you are not seeing the number on the scale going down, or when you are frustrated when you can’t get your ketosis number high enough.

Here are only a few of my ‘why’s’.

  • I want to feel strong and empowered.
  • I want to be the one that calls the shots with my health and not just be another diabetes statistic.
  • I want to live my life prescription drug-free and will do anything I can naturally to achieve that goal.
  • I want to be bursting with energy every day, so I have the mental and physical energy to accomplish my daily goals for my business and my personal life.
  • I want to be healthy as I get older so I can run and play with my grandkids.

My ‘why’s’ have everything to with the passions and goals I have in my life and weight loss is what I call a ‘Keto bonus’. Weight loss is a symptom of living the Keto lifestyle. I am so passionate about keto and what it does to help me achieve all of the other goals I have in my life. I have lost 45 lbs as a symptom of living the Keto lifestyle; what I feel from fulfilling my ‘why’s’ cannot be measured on the scale.

Come share your 'why' with me! I would love to hear about your reasons for following the Keto diet! Come on by my Facebook group and introduce yourself.

You got this!
Leta ~ Intentionally Bare

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