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What Happens After the Win?

We just completed a 30 day consistency challenge in my Intentionally Bare Keto Support Group and it was AMAZING! I have been reading stories of our group members losing 9 or more pounds, many inches and how energetic and healthy they feel!

The challenge is over, what now?

Many times I’ve accomplished something I was really striving for, only to feel a little lost after I achieved it.  Have you ever felt like this?  It’s like working hard to ‘get there’ can cause a bit of a let down once we ‘are’ there.  This can prevent us from moving forward and can create an ‘all or nothing’ scenario.

🔹 Monthly group challenge is finished, what now?

I am posting a ‘daily check in’ post in our group so everyday we can pop in and talk about how we’re doing.  Use this post as your daily accountability to help you keep up your good healthy habits.  Post in the group as often as you like!  Did you make a yummy low carb meal? Post a pic (and recipe if you have it) so we can all enjoy it!  Answer people’s questions or comments on their posts… give and get support 💗

🔹 Make a Plan

Finishing a challenge or getting to your maintenance goal are great achievements, but if you don’t make a plan for ‘after’ you may go backwards.  In order to keep what you’ve achieved, you need to make a plan for the future.

🔹 Step it Up

Thinking about your next move will help you to stay in the groove!  Maybe it’s adding a bit of exercise, some weight training or just getting in more nutrient dense food and supplements.  What is the next goal you’d like to achieve? 

Do you feel a little lost after you achieved something?  Have you ever ‘got there’ but then gone backwards after you got it?  Please share your experiences and insights! 👇


💗 Leta

~ Intentionally Bare