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Ways to Stay Keto during Difficult Times

Wow! The last few weeks have been crazy, haven’t they? Dealing with illness, lack of toilet paper, and being stuck at home can definitely increase the anxiety in your life. Increased anxiety, a weird schedule, and diminished stocks at the grocery store can make it difficult to stay keto. I’ve put together some suggestions that might give you some ideas for staying keto during difficult times.

Meal Planning

The importance of meal planning right now is huge. Of course, it can be hard to meal plan when you arrive at the grocery store to find there’s no chicken left on the shelves. I’ve been taking my meal plan with me when I grocery shop, so that if they are out of a particular food that I had planned to eat, I can switch on the fly. Without a solid meal plan, I might not bring home enough food for me to maintain my keto lifestyle. This is especially important if your family eats differently than you do. It’s important to make sure you have enough food!


OMAD is One Meal A Day. For many people, implementing OMAD is a way to jump-start weight loss. It’s an effective way to make sure that you’re maximizing your calorie and fat burning time. It also usually cuts down on the calories you consume; after all, one can only consume so many calories in one sitting. While OMAD isn’t an ideal situation for everyone, if you’re fat-adapted, switching to OMAD can be an effective way to stay keto. If the supplies at the local grocery store are still slim, then OMAD can make it easy to meal plan.

Bone Broth Cleanse

Every month, I do a bone broth cleanse in my Intentionally Bare Facebook group. When you’re doing a bone broth cleanse, you only drink bone broth. For the cleanses in my group, we do three days; you can do a BBC for however long you want; for me, three days gives me optimal benefit. With the stress that is coming at you, consuming bone broth can only be beneficial. You can make your own or use my Intentionally Bare Bone Broth (US | Canada).

While it can be hard to maintain a keto lifestyle when you’re stressed out, I firmly believe that staying keto right now is better for you in the long run. Your immune system benefits and you’re not dealing with stomach issues, lack of energy, or other side effects of eating carbs. Plus, you won’t need to endure the keto flu again!

If you need support to stay keto while you’re in a stressful situation, be sure to stop by my Intentionally Bare Facebook group!

You got this!


~ Intentionally Bare


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