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Ways to do Alternate Day Fasting

Our 7 Day Alternate Day Fasting Challenge starts TODAY (October 11th)! If you’re doing an ADF, that’s anywhere from 42 – 48 hours between refeed meals (info on this challenge is pinned in Announcements).

I want to tell you about the different ways I know how to do ADF’s, and how important it is that you do what feels comfortable for you. There is no ‘wrong’ way to do an ADF, but there are things we can do/not do to get the most benefit from this fast.

🔷 Fast one day, 16:8 the next (42 hour fast)

This is when you fast the first day, then the next day you eat at lunch. Most people will eat 2 meals, lunch and dinner.

🔷 Fast one day, OMAD the next (48 hour fast)

This is when you fast the first day, then the next day you don’t eat until dinner. Dr. Berg calls this one the ‘OMAD every other day’ fast, or it can be called a 48 hour fast.

🔷 What can I have during the fasting window?

This is really a personal choice, and it also depends a lot on how you feel when you fast. It also depends on what is the ‘main’ purpose of your fast. The fasting guru’s like Dr. Jason Fung, say that MCT Oil/Powder and even bone broth are helpful during the fasting time (lots of info on this in Guide 6). If your main purpose for fasting is for fat loss, then having those products during your fasting time will help you a lot. If your main purpose for fasting is for maximum autophagy (the body ridding itself of toxins and cellular garbage) then having zero calories ‘might’ be better, but the jury is still out on that one because there is no way to measure autophagy. Many of the experts believe those things will not lessen autophagy.

Bottom line: Do what works best for you. Try experimenting to see what makes you feel the best as you are doing this. There is no point in being ultra strict if you don’t feel good. So try it a few ways and see how it feels.

What do I do? I do a combo of both. I wake up fasted and usually drink black coffee in the morning. At lunch I have a fatty coffee (see image) and that really helps me get through the rest of the say. If my day is a 16:8, then I will add an Anti-Aging drink to my lunch as well (see image). Again, I have experimented with many combo’s and I find this feels right for my body. You do YOU 😊

🔷 Things to avoid

I find that avoiding breaking the fast with hard to digest foods (for you, everyone is different) makes digestion easier after fasting. Avoiding high carb foods is really important, as we are very insulin sensitive after fasting and carbs seem to cause rebound weight.

🔷 Helpful

Breaking a fast with things like the Good Digestion Drink (see image), digestive enzymes, probiotics, bone broth (broth or my Intentionally Bare Bone Broth Protein Powder), kimchi or sauerkraut really help the gut by giving it good bacteria. It’s an amazing gift to give your gut and helps you transition into regular foods with ease.

How do you do your Alternate Day Fasts? (or any extended fasts)

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