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This is a Lifestyle Worth Living

I have tried every type of diet out there... literally.

I started dieting when I was probably 16, and I am now 50. Whether I was doing it to lose the extra weight or I was trying to eat a certain way for health reasons, just about everything I tried was hard. I either felt hungry, deprived, and/or I lacked energy. Right around the two week mark I would give up, every time. And then I would feel down on myself for not having the willpower to see it through.

I am sure most of you can totally relate to what I am saying, especially if you are a female and you are over 30!

It wasn’t until I started eating keto that I realized that there was a way that I could lose weight and feel amazing (I mean FREAKING amazing), all while enjoying fantastic food, not feeling hungry, not feeling deprived, and not having brain fog!

So I will not call keto a diet in that regard; keto is a lifestyle and though it does help with all of the things I mentioned above, once you are fat adapted and start to really feel this incredible energy, you will want to be in that ketosis state all the time. When you are not (and trust me, I am not in it all the time), you will notice the difference and you'll want to go back. I do not need willpower to eat keto. I am not hungry, I have amazing energy, I think fast and clear, I sleep like a baby, and at the same time my body is shedding extra fat that it does not need. Willpower is not a prerequisite for keto living.

Recently I went on a week long vacation to a lovely tropical area. I stayed at an all inclusive resort, right on the ocean! The food was so amazing; 5 star chefs serving up culinary delights. Keto or no keto, I rarely eat gluten or sugar, but come on, I was on vacation! Did I have a great time and enjoy every bite? You’re damn right I did!

I tried to stay pretty healthy, but I was definitely off keto and found myself going down the ‘wheat rabbit hole’. As each day went on, I felt the inflammation building. My ankles were getting puffy, I felt tired (okay, there was some significant drinking going on too - even though I kept it all zero carbs!) but I was totally reminded of what I used to feel like before I started following keto.

When I got home, I went right back on keto. I felt 100% amazing by day two and I lost the seven pounds of water/bloat from the trip, plus an extra three pounds; all in seven days. Once I got started consuming my BHB drink again (US | Canada), my energy was back; ah, what a feeling!

The point is that keto is a lifestyle and we all have lives. We are going to travel, attend special events, etc and we cannot beat ourselves up for being off the keto plan. There should not be any guilt associated with eating this way. Even so, I never want to veer too far from keto though, because I KNOW how awesome I feel being in ketosis. I have never eaten in a way that has made me feel like I can eat this way forever, until I started keto. This is a lifestyle worth living!

Are you ready to adopt a new lifestyle and get off the diet roller coaster? I would love to have you join my Facebook group, where you can get all the tips and support you'll need to succeed on the keto diet!

You got this!
Leta ~ Intentionally Bare

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