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The scale hasn’t changed but I have

Something happened to me this past summer that really solidified the fact that ‘the scale is not the true measure of how our bodies are changing with keto.

One late afternoon we had a happy hour with our neighbors – there was a nice group of people there that I haven’t seen since the summer before.

One of my neighbors was like ‘wow, OMG have you ever lost weight!… I mean… what a difference from last year! You look fantastic!’ and everyone agreed that I looked a lot different from the previous summer (which was a very nice compliment to be sure).

But here is the funny thing… since the previous summer, I have virtually not lost any weight according to the scale. I am pretty much the same # exactly.  I have fluctuated between 5 pounds (more if I had a vacation) all year long.

Yet, my body has changed… my clothing size has gotten smaller… my shoes are looser…  I have less inflammation and my carb face is gone. It takes time for the body to heal and it’s still healing I feel. The fact that I have stayed about the same weight in a year, yet my size has changed, makes me really happy actually because that means I am building muscle.  Muscle weighs more than fat but takes up less space (for the same amount of space).  So this means I have not only not lost muscle in a year, I have gained muscle. 

My Mom had osteoporosis, so it’s very important to me that I have good muscle mass in this stage of my life (I’m 52) and going forward. ‘Weight’ loss is only a small part of what my goals are with keto and my health plan – I am healing and improving my body now, but by doing so I am ensuring a healthy future for myself. I get a ton of lab work done once a year (every 6 months for things like my A1C, thyroid and cholesterol) and everything is improving.  As I have talked about before, I have had health issues in the past, but they have all been resolved since I have been on keto. Proof positive keto is amazing.

I am very happy I broke up with my scale because it truly is not the true picture of what is happening (I only use it when I am doing keto/fasting experiments).

Have any of you not lost weight (or not a lot) in a long time, yet are still seeing changes in other ways? Getting compliments from people who have not seen you in a while? I would love to hear about it. You can tell me all about that in my Intentionally Bare Facebook group! I can't wait to hear your success story!


You got this!

Leta ~ Intentionally Bare

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