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The Myth About Protein

Protein is a funny thing; you would think that more is better, but when it comes to keto, it's actually quite the opposite. Here is a little known fact: if you are carb sensitive (and most of us are), overeating protein switches your body from fat burning to glucose burning. I know, I know; say it isn't so!

I learned this firsthand when I went 'free keto' for a while (aka: didn't follow my macros) and my weight loss stalled. I felt hungry, and I did not feel nearly as energetic as I had been. I knew I was getting enough fat, I was watching my carbs like a hawk... but the protein? I had reverted back to my low carb/low-fat diet days and started eating more protein.

I mean, as long as it's not carbs it's, right?


When you eat more protein than your body needs, some of the amino acids in the protein will be turned into glucose via a process called gluconeogenesis. This will pop you right out of ketosis, and that was the cause of my weight loss plateau, hunger, and energy fade.

Since I lowered my protein, I am back into the fat burning mode, losing weight, and feeling amazing!

If you notice your weight loss has stalled, you are feeling hungry, and/or your energy has gone down, take a good look at your protein macros (yes, you may have to 'track' them!) I bet you will notice a big difference. If you don't, then it means you need to adjust your macros. If you are using a keto app, manually go in and lower your protein, keep your carbs the same if that has been working for you, and increase the fat.

Generally, 20% protein is pretty standard on keto (I personally need to be lower as I am VERY carb sensitive, so adjust this to your needs). One way of calculating your protein macros is to use this formula: .5 - .65 x your weight = # of grams of protein per day. You can use your keto app to help you figure this out too.

If you find that you're consuming too much protein, you will want to cut down. While you can supplement with MCT oil (US | Canada) once in awhile, increasing your overall caloric intake is generally not the way you want to go if you're consuming too much protein!

Lowering my protein and upping my fat made a HUGE difference for me. Try it if you need a 'keto tweak.' :)

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You got this!
Leta ~ Intentionally Bare

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