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Intentionally Bare Blog

Take Control during Challenging Times

We’ve all experienced negative or challenging times, that’s part of life.  Thinking back on something that was hard, difficult or negative... did you eat your way through it?  I have often eaten my way through challenging times in my life.  After it was over all I was left with was more fat on my body, low energy and feelings of disappointment in myself.  It’s a horrible cycle that sadly I have repeated many times in my life.

I have been working on changing this pattern loop and trying to use these times to create self-care strategies that not only prevent me from binge eating or eating high carbs, but also support me in so many other areas of my life.

🔹 Instead of ‘going off’… go ‘on’

Going on or staying on your plan will actually help center you at a time when you really need it.  Going off or staying off your plan actually makes you feel like you have no control over your situation, you feel helpless.  Feel the strength in being intentional.

🔹 Create a daily healthy habit plan

Purposely creating a daily healthy habit plan puts you in control.  Winging it does the opposite.

🔹 Don’t let the challenge control you

So many times I used hard times as an excuse to go completely off the rails, when in fact, being in control of my life (including how I’m eating) tells my body that I am being taken care of.  I am in control, I call the shots, things are not happening ‘to me’ but ‘for’ me.  This is way better than feeling helpless, which is basically what binge eating and pigging out on carbs is.

❓  Do you go off the rails during challenging times?  Do you take control or do you let it control you? 👇