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Surviving Superbowl Sunday on Keto

You know, I manage to make it through Thanksgiving and  Christmas without much of a problem. So many of the foods that we celebrate with on those holidays can be safely eaten while on keto. Superbowl Sunday is a whole other beast, though. If you’re going to a Superbowl party, chances are there’s going to be a bunch of tempting foods like pizza, subs, and chips. If you’re going to make it through game day on keto, you’re going to need a plan! Here’s what I do before a major get together where I know there will be lots of food choices that aren’t keto:

Eat First

When I’m trying to get through the Superbowl on keto, I always make sure to eat before the event. I’ll have a big keto meal before I go. I may need to alter my eating schedule if I’m doing OMAD or Intermittent Fasting; for one day, that’s not going to hurt anything or impact my ketosis levels. I make sure that I have a full, fatty meal (or have a fatty coffee afterward). That way I’m less tempted by the pizza that’s on the snack table.

Bring Food I Can Eat

Most game day celebrations are pot luck. Everyone brings something to share. I always make sure that my choices are keto-friendly. I can offer to bring stuff for DIY sandwiches so I can munch on meat and cheese, or I bring my ham dip and chips, with pork rinds or keto crackers for myself. Then I’m certain I’ll get to eat something.

Avoid Grazing

One thing that often happens during Superbowl parties is grazing. There’s a bunch of food in the kitchen or on a table where we’re watching TV. People will go over periodically to grab a handful of chips or some more pizza. But remember that every time we eat, our insulin spikes. If I’m going to eat at the party, I try to do all of my eating at half time. There’s still plenty of food left, and I’m full during the second half of the game, which could be filled with more tension!

Avoid Alcohol

I avoid alcohol when I’m trying to survive game day on keto for two reasons. First, drinking alcohol shifts you out of fat-burning mode and into alcohol burning mode; even keto-friendly alcohol choices such as tequila may take you out of ketosis. That can slow me down from hitting my health goals. Second, drinking alcohol can lower my inhibitions so that I’m more likely to give into the temptation of pizza or cake.

Bring My Own Drinks

I always bring my own drinks; that way I’m not accidentally consuming alcohol or sugary drinks. Plus it gives me the opportunity to bring my Keto BHB drink (US | Canada). That way, I don’t have to worry about that late afternoon energy slump that can happen if I don’t have easy access to my fatty coffee!

Plan to Go Off Plan

Just like on Thanksgiving and Christmas, some people prefer to give themselves permission to go off plan for an event like Superbowl Sunday. During most other important sports tourneys, we’re at least solidly in spring before we have a get together; the chances that you’ll be able to binge on burgers without buns and fresh guac are pretty high for those celebrations. So going off plan for one get together a year isn’t going to do long term damage or mess up your health goals. It’s one day. You’ll be able to get back on target with your eating on Monday. Mentally, it’s easier to give yourself permission to go off plan than to beat yourself up for giving into temptation.

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You got this!


~ Intentionally Bare


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