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Sometimes we just need a fresh start

Monday is my ‘fresh start’ day. No matter what has happened over the past week or weekend, I always think of Monday as my ‘clean slate’ day.

Even if you’ve veered off… if Monday is always your start day (or whatever that day is for you), you can always start fresh with renewed vigor. It can be frustrating when we toggle on and off, and truthfully, it’s hard to get into ketosis that way… but look at it this way… back in your ‘bad diet, I won’t name names’ days, you probably went 110% for oh, say 3 weeks, maybe 4. Then you had a ‘weekend’ and went off the ‘program.’ I don’t know about you, but that was usually it for me until the next ‘your first month is free’ special came out and then it was ‘I am going to REALLY do it this time!’ once again. So like a hamster in a wheel, going absolutely nowhere and feeling defeated.

This is the difference with keto. With keto, you FEEL amazing… so even if you go off of it, you remember how great you felt and you WANT to come back to it. It also doesn’t take long to get that ‘loving feeling’ back!

You should never feel like a failure for going off because it’s not a failure, it’s FEEDBACK! Your body will tell you ‘you need to get back to that keto thing, I was burning fat as fuel and I was kicking ass and taking names!’

Failure is veering off your plan and not coming back to it. Even when I chose to go off of keto (for a vacation, social event, holiday, etc..) I come right back to keto and I do not feel any guilt. I am in a keto lifestyle, not on a keto diet, so if I want to go higher in carbs for a bit and stop the fat-burning machine and amazing energy flow… that is my choice.  Boy, sounds pretty dumb when I put it like that… who would want to give that up?!?  Well, we are humans after all aren’t we? lol


You got this!

Leta ~ Intentionally Bare


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