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Routine doesn’t have to be Boring

Sometimes just thinking about doing the same things every day can feel a little monotonous.  But what we do daily matters, whether it’s pushing us towards our goals to pulling us away from them.

Another benefit of having a routine is that we don’t need to ‘think’ of what to do so much! 

Though I know what a healthy routine is what’s going to help me the most, sometimes I get a little bored and need to make things a little spicier!

Here are some ways I make routine a little more fun:

🔹 Get it over with

Anything I don’t ‘love’ I try to get done with as early in the day as possible.  Exercise is a good example of that.  I know I need it in my daily routine in order to be healthy, but I don’t naturally love it, so I get that done as early as I can because if I don’t, I’ll skip it.

🔹 Everyday is routine + interesting

I need to know that I have something to look forward to everyday.  I really enjoy having a nice dinner, so whether I’m fasting all the way until dinner or I’m having my collagen/protein rich Intentionally Bare Pro-Aging Shake at lunch... I always plan for an interesting and delicious dinner.  I look through Pinterest, Tik Tok and my recipe books and find recipes I am really excited to make and eat 😊

❓  What do you do to take the boring out of routine?  👇


You got this!

💗 Leta

~ Intentionally Bare