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Reward Yourself... But not with food

I used to reward myself with food. I had the mindset of ‘I deserve this cookie’ or ‘I worked hard all week, I can treat myself to a donut.’ 

I’m not sure if this stems from childhood (hey, not blaming my parents and I sure did this to my kids too) but ever since we were little we have been conditioned to make food our entertainment, our reward, and our treat.

You know how that Al Green song ‘…times are good or bad, happy or sad’ ya that was me.  It didn’t matter what was going on, food was always there. It never occurred to me that food could be more for nourishing my body and other ‘things’ could be my entertainment/reward.

What kind of ‘reward’ makes you full of inflammation, makes you tired and bloated and pops you out of ketosis (goodbye superpowers)?

I am not saying I don’t veer off my keto plan... I am not perfect by any means. But I have changed my mindset on what a ‘reward’ is for me.


My rewards are:

💚 Time with family & friends

💚 Travel

💚 Concerts

💚 Reading (paper books)!

💚 Buying new, smaller sized clothing

💚 Trying new keto recipes

💚 A soothing bath with essential oils and Epson salts


👉 What are your rewards?  Do something nice for yourself that does not include food and see how your mindset changes.


You got this!

Leta ~ Intentionally Bare


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