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Planning for Vacations – Before & After

I always go on vacation with a plan in mind. I do not claim to be 'keto perfect' 100% of the time, especially when I am on vacay. I strive to be as low carb as possible, but I know my carb load will be higher than normal so I don't want to throw a ton of fat into the mix (carbs + fat = weight gain).

The other thing I do is I do try to push any 'indulgent treats' towards the end of my trip. This helps me to stay the course longer (once I get grains/high carbs into my system it's like a drug to me... I know this about myself). So by waiting (not saying 'no'... just saying 'later'), it helps me to make better choices, longer. Also, I feel bloated, puffy and achy pretty quickly... who wants to feel like that for their vacation?

Many times I do not veer much off of keto while on vacation (depends on where I go) but I allow myself the mental permission to do so if I want to. Life is not perfect and if I set up 'perfectionism' in my mind it's going to take me back to my ‘dieting’ days and I am NOT going there again. Keto is my 'lifestyle'... not my 'diet.'

Because Keto is my lifestyle, I go off of my ideal plan here and there. I know exactly what I am going to do when I get back, and this is my 'go-to' Get Back to Keto plan that works for me:

 1st few days back: I eat 100% keto foods, but I do not track and I eat whenever and however much I like (NO grains or sugar). [I have some fat but I do not have a ton as my carb load is still higher now]

 As soon as I feel my energy getting higher and my hunger lessening, I jump back into normal keto days (following my macros)

 When I feel I am in 'the zone' I start rotating intermittent fasting and regular keto days.

💞 The worst thing we can do is be hard on ourselves for not being 'perfect' (in all ways) but the 2nd worst thing is to let that guilt/perfectionism mindset stop us from moving forward. Have a plan in mind BEFORE you go on vacation/social event etc... then it's 'business as usual' once you are back.

🎼 Get on the bus, Gus.... make a new plan, Stan.... no need to be coy Roy.... just listen to me 🎵 (ok, you don't need to listen to me, but make your own plan so you are in control of YOUR health... not the other way around).


You got this!

Leta ~ Intentionally Bare

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