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Not losing weight? You okay with that?

I have been living the Keto lifestyle for two years now… it’s so automatic I don’t really think about it. I also feel like this life is for living and sometimes I am not going to be ‘macro perfect’… and seriously, I am okay with that.

This last weekend I did go over in my carbs, but since I was intermittent fasting and I am fat-adapted, I did not notice much difference in my ketone levels, my energy or weight.

Did I lose weight? No. Am I ok with that? Yes. Why? Because this is just my way of life now. Sometimes I go down, sometimes I stay the same, sometimes I even go up temporarily. But I am always improving my health and heading in the right direction. There are times when I hit it really hard and see a nice jump down (weight loss and/or inches) but I am okay just toeing the line too; I’m still healthy!

Before Keto my choices were ‘lose’ or ‘gain;’ that was it. I am happy to stay the same sometimes, knowing I am improving my health constantly. My thought process is so different now.

Getting upset every time the scale doesn’t go down is not helping us at all.  Inches are more noticeable than the number on the scale anyway, but the mental anguish we feel when that darn number doesn’t go down; why do we do this to ourselves?  We’re healing, building muscle and losing inches.

Keto works in stages. Its first job is to heal the body, and then it releases fat. It also goes in and out of healing and releasing, depending on what is happening within our bodies.

I have found that intermittent fasting and doing the Three Day Bone Broth Cleanse both help my body to detox and heal much faster, so when I am doing regular keto, the weight and inches are coming off steadier.

If you want some support with keto, intermittent fasting and bone broth cleanses, join my Intentionally Bare Keto support group if you aren’t already there.


You got this!

Leta ~ Intentionally Bare

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