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Motivational Monday : Why Perfectionism can hold You Back

Do you feel like you need to eat ‘perfectly’ or you have failed? You’re either moving forward or you’re moving backwards… there’s no middle ground?

 Why this way of thinking can hold you back

Having this mindset puts so much pressure on us to be perfect, and is a ‘perfect’ eating plan sustainable? I’m not suggesting you should be going off keto all the time… but if you can’t have ‘one bite’ of something non-keto without feeling like you’ve blown it, this feeling can lead to binge eating or staying off keto indefinitely.

 Train yourself to think differently

Instead of thinking ‘I’ve blown it, I’m not perfect, may as well binge or go off keto’, think ‘this one bite (or whatever) is not going to totally derail me as long as it’s not too much/too long.’ Allow yourself the freedom to have that one bite of your favorite dessert, etc..

If you know for sure that you could never stop at one bite, then definitely don’t try this as an experiment. But this should give you pause… ‘why’ is this an all or nothing thing for you?

Your health improvements will only last if you can create a sustainable lifestyle. I don’t know many people that are 100% perfect FOREVER so at some point the music will stop and you might find yourself going backwards unless you work on this.
This is something I have always struggled with, and TBH, still do. But I am forcing myself to have that ‘one bite’ anytime we go out or have a function, because every time I am able to do this, and not binge/go off keto… I prove to myself that I can do this!

It’s honestly quite freeing.

Have you ever had this mindset? If so, how have you changed it? (or are you struggling with this now)?