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Motivational Monday: What Things do you Say to Yourself?

Motivational Monday - February 8, 2021


We all talk to ourselves (some of us do it out loud and that can cause some funny looks at the grocery store) but most of what we say to ourselves is internal.  If we are on our game, we may say ‘yes! I’m so proud of myself!’ or we may say ‘ya, you counted your macros today but you went over in calories.’  If we veered off our plan, it might be ‘why, why, why??? You always SAY you are going to do better but you always cheat!’

We don’t even realize how many times a day we talk to ourselves, many times saying things to ourselves that we would never say to another person.

Why do we do this?

We are conditioned to always strive for more, and when we do this in a positive way, it can be really motivating.  But what if the majority of the words we hear about ourselves are from us, and what if we are not being kind and loving when we say them?

Then we feel like we can never measure up; we are never good enough.  If we hear that too often it starts to be ‘Why even try? I am just going to fail.’

Really pay attention to your thoughts.  What do you say to yourself when you are not as successful that day as you had hoped?  Those are the thoughts that really tell you something about yourself.  If they are not kind, forgiving and loving, then you have some inner work to do.

I am not saying we shouldn’t make goals or hold ourselves accountable. But there is a big difference between saying ‘today wasn’t my best day, but I (insert something positive) and tomorrow my plan will be to (insert goal here) … or … ‘you totally blew it, you may as well eat 2 rows of Oreo’s’ (true story on the Oreos).

Blood sugar balance, improved health and fat loss are not only possible on keto, they’re probable.  But it takes more effort than just counting macros. There is a lot of mental work that needs to be done.  The mental game is something I have had to work on a lot (I am still working on it).

The best advice I can give you, based on my experience with this, is to make gratitude a ‘practice.’   What I mean by this is actually setting aside a few minutes a day to practice gratitude.  It might be just thinking about what you are grateful for, prayer, meditation or writing in a gratitude journal.  Do this daily!  The more you make this a practice, the less negative thoughts automatically fill your head.  Make sure you say something about yourself that you are grateful for :)

What things do you say to yourself?  Do you work on trying to change your inner dialogue?

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You got this!


~ Intentionally Bare


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