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Motivational Monday: Ways to Recover after a Keto Calamity

It happens to all of us… a ‘one and done’ turns into a weekend, a week, a month, or ???

What’s done is done… but how do we recover from this?  There are a few options, and depending on your personality and how your body responds, one way might work much better than the other.  Based on what I have seen in the group, as well as my own experience with this… I will break these options down to the 3 Keto Calamity Recovery Types:

🔹 No Mercy

Done with it, these people want to hit it HARD immediately when they decide it’s day 1.  100% strict keto and fasting is involved from the get go, and the saying ‘no pain, no gain’ is applicable here.  I say that because it WILL be painful, lol. 

Good for:  People that like to rip off the band aid and just get ‘er done.

Not as good for:  People that are triggered by higher blood sugar, are prone to rebound carb eating or people that have any metabolic issues such as diabetes.  Also not good for anyone with emotional/stress eating issues as cortisol levels will go up and the adrenal glands will be taxed, going from a high carb load to a load carb load (temporarily).

🔹 Middle of the Road

Not quite ready to get back into keto, just cutting out all sugar, grains and high carby foods for 1 – 2 weeks lowers your blood sugar at a nice, slow and steady rate.  Hunger will disappear and this is your cue to start regular keto.  Eat as much as you like of other foods.  No tracking.

Good for:  People that struggle with a lot of hunger after eating higher carbs, are triggered by a fast drop in blood sugar, and people that feel overwhelmed thinking about starting keto all over again.  Anyone who mentally can't handle going '100% strict keto' and would use that as a reason to not get back on program.

This way really takes the mental pressure off of ‘having to be keto perfect’ from the get go, when their body is still wanting carbs.

Not as good for:  Anyone needing to get off the extra weight very quickly.  This is a slower route, but also a really good one in the long run because you will ease back into keto gently and will be far less likely to rebound.

🔹 Keto for Life

Macro tracker updated, check!  Menu planned for the week, check!  Fridge and pantry stocked, check!  This person is a ‘keto lifer’ and has ‘been there, done that.’  Getting back to the regular keto routine not only feels great mentally, their bodies are craving it!  This is their lifestyle and being ‘off’ (even though may have been temporarily thrilling), was difficult.  Now they are struggling with bloating, inflammation and gut issues.  Keto is home.

Good for:  People that have done keto for a long time or have specific health issues.

Not as good for:  Anyone who is new to keto, feels overwhelmed thinking of doing keto 100% after being ‘off’, or people who are carb triggered jumping back in too quickly (the Middle of the Road option is best for them).

So... which Keto Calamity Recovery Type are you? 👇

💗 Leta

~ Intentionally Bare