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Motivational Monday: These are a few of my Favorite Things [Part 1] 💗

When I love something, I LOVE something!

Get a cup of fatty coffee and settle in ‘cause this is a long one, lol

I have some foods and products that I love having in my life (for health, weight loss, anti-aging and just plain old happiness) and I’m going to share some of them with you!  You guys ask me what things I love so I thought I would let you know some of my faves from time to time.  I have included links for US and CA.

I want to preface this by saying that everyone has their ‘line in the sand’ regarding what they feel is healthy.  I prioritize things that go ‘in’ my body and ‘on’ my skin and want them to be as natural and additive free as possible.  When it comes to my hair and my gel nails, not so much lol.  This is a non-judgmental space so please swipe on if you are not keen on something I love 💗

I put my faves into 1 of 6 categories:

  1. Keto
  2. Health
  3. Books
  4. Anti-Aging
  5. Hair
  6. Happiness

🔹 Keto

SweetLeaf Water Drops – Peach Mango

Do you love nectarines?  It’s pretty much my favorite fruit flavor, but of course being keto I don’t have much of the actual fruit.  I’m not sure why they have ‘mango’ on the label as I don’t taste mango at all... this is nectarine ALL the way.  I keep one of these in my purse, one at home and one at the lake.  Add a few drops to mineral water or regular water and you have yourself a real treat!  If you want to have apple cider vinegar in water to help with digestion but don’t like the taste, add a few drops of this and you won’t even taste the ACV!

US –

CA - I searched Amazon for this product and not sure why, but it was ridic expensive so I didn’t want to put the link here.  It should be around $6 CA.  Check to see if you can find one around that price or look in your local health food store or grocery store.

🔹 Health

Home Grown Sprout Grower

I’ve been having a lot of fun growing my own sprouts for quite a few months now.  Not only are they pretty much zero carbs, they pack a big nutrient punch!  I read somewhere that broccoli sprouts (which taste awesome) have 30x more nutrients than regular broccoli!  So easy to grow, and very satisfying seeing them growing in my kitchen.  I tried out a couple of different growers and this one is by far my fave.  It drains the water perfectly so there is never a musty/moldy smell.

US –

CA -

Broccoli Sprouting Seeds

US – Nature Jim’s Sprouts -

CA – Mumm’s Sprouting Seeds -


🔹 Books

Keto for Foodies

Like you guys, I love to get recipes from Pinterest, YouTube and in our Intentionally Bare Keto support group... but to me there is nothing like a paper book with pictures!  I have quite a collection of cookbooks *cough... cookbook hoarder * and love to look at them to get good ideas and learn new ways of doing things.  One of my faves is called Keto for Foodies by Nicole Downs.  I always lean towards ‘easy/healthy’ and these recipes are not complicated!  But they give a robust and deeper flavor to my meals. I have found I have learned some great lessons on how to make meals more savory and flavorful.  These recipes have been a hit with my non-keto family too.

US –

CA -

🔹 Anti-Aging

Intentionally Bare Collagen Peptides

I am OBSESSED with my Collagen Peptides!  With Biotin, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C and Zinc, I credit this product the most with improving the health/condition of my hair.  I had hypothyroidism for many years, and I also unknowingly damaged my hair by not using the right heat protectant or hair products.  This caused me to have major hair breakage and it was really thin.  Look back at some of the Coffee with Leta’s I did even 1 year ago and you’ll see a HUGE difference in my hair. I notice a big difference in my skin too.  It’s very smooth, no bumps and my fine lines have really diminished too.  My nails are growing much faster and they are so much stronger (I get gel nails, but used to have an issue with my natural nails being so thin they caused the gel to peel off). No more!

US -

CA -


🔹 Hair

Pureology Color Fanatic

Speaking of hair, I use this product generously after I towel dry my hair.  It’s a multi-tasking leave in spray, heat protectant, and it nourishes and protects the hair.  It’s great for any hair type and perfectly safe for color treated hair, in fact, it helps keep your color from fading.

US –

CA –

The Ordinary – Squalane

My hair is naturally very curly/frizzy and dry.  Every night before bed I use this product on my hair (mid to ends).  I use about 6 drops, rub my hands together and smooth that into my hair.  This really adds moisture to your hair if you have a dryness problem. If your hair is too dry it breaks easily and looks frizzier.  It doesn’t leave anything greasy on your pillow and will not turn highlights ‘brassy.’

US –

CA -


🔹 Happiness

Mug by Mark my Words

You know how much I love my mugs 😊  This one is my all time fave mug and I use it everyday.  It has the perfect ‘comfort handle’ (know what I mean?  I hate it when the handle opening is too small or too big!).  I couldn’t find the exact same phrase in the US, but found one in the same colors.  To me the colors and the design are what I really love and the sentiment is the bonus.  It makes me feel special just looking at it on my desk as I work away.

US (You’re Awesome) –

CA – (Happiness is enjoying the simple things in life) -


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💗 Leta

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