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Motivational Monday: Take a Grain Break for Health & Weight Loss

Grains are not considered keto, though many people still have them if it fits their macros (dirty keto).  Going off grains (even if it’s only once in awhile, like a cleanse) has much more benefit other than saying you are ‘clean keto’... grains cause inflammation in the body, and much more so for people who have a food sensitivity to them.  They are hard on the gut and the thyroid too.

Today starts out 7 Day Macro Tracking Challenge – Grain Elimination Week!  December 6 – 12 (look in the ‘Featured’ tab in our Intentionally Bare Keto Support Group), so thought this would be great time to have a discussion about the many reasons it’s so good for us to go grain free!

🔷 What researchers say:

There is a lot of research out there that shows a direct link between grains and inflammation.  Inflammation can be as simple as bloating and weight gain, or it can be ‘inflammatory’ like an autoimmune disease.

Grains are super hard on the gut barrier, which can cause immune and inflammatory responses.  Another negative to grains, is that most are sprayed with glyphosate and this is extremely hard on the gut, and it’s toxic to the thyroid.

🔷 Good rule of thumb:

Are you going to go your entire life without eating grains?  Unless you’re celiac, the odds are good the answer is no.  But living your life 80% grain free gives your body a much needed break.  Either think of grains as a treat you have now and then, or, only have them a couple of times a week. 

🔷 Listen to your body:

A fantastic reason to go off grains 100% for a week is so you can see how you feel off of them.  Weight yourself at the start of the week and at the end, and I bet you’ll lose more (all things being equal and you ate your usual macros).  Note your energy, bloating (or lack there of), skin smoothness, bowel movements and sleep.  By going off grains 100% you can really hone into how your body feels off of them vs cutting back.  If they are in your system... they are in your system.

Do you feel better not eating grains?