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Motivational Monday: One and Done

I came up with the ‘One and Done’ as a way to give myself permission to enjoy foods/amounts not keto, and for a way to stop myself from going off the deep end when I do, lol

I’ve passed this phrase/philosophy on to you guys, and you’ve loved it!  I thought I’d go over the One and Done again for anyone who’s new to this way of thinking.

🔷 The Philosphy

In order for anything to be a lifestyle vs a prison sentence, there has to be opportunities to color outside the lines.  It’s up to you to manage how often you do it and how far you go, based on how you feel (mentally and physically).  By allowing yourself a ‘one and done’ here and there, you’re not saying ‘never’...  you’re saying ‘not now’.  I don’t know about you, but if I think something is ‘never’ I just want it even more!

🔷 How to Apply it

You have to make some decisions about how you’re going to define what One and Done means to you.  Is it one meal?  One day?  One weekend?  One vacation?  You can choose one or you can do what works for you in that timeframe.  If you know the longer you’re off, the harder it is to get back... then keeping it short is important.  Get real with how you’ll deal with this ‘freedom’... because even freedoms have consequences.

🔷 Draw your Line in the Sand

Are there any ‘hard no’s’ for you?  For me, I feel absolutely horrible when I eat grains.  I’m bloated, my joints are achy and I just crave carbs like there’s no tomorrow when I have them.  For me, this is the line in the sand except for the very rare exception.  So when I have a One a Done, it’s not too hard for me to pivot back to keto because I’ve eliminated the food group that affects me the most negatively.  For you it might be sugar, alcohol, dairy, etc... 

 Do you use the ‘One and Done’?  How do you define it for yourself? 👇


❗️ * Health information given here is based on public research and is not meant to take the place of your doctor’s advice.  Always do your own research before trying something new.

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