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Motivational Monday ~ November 2, 2020 ~ Alternate Day Fasting

Well it’s Monday... feels like it may be a ‘2 fatty coffee’ morning, lol

How was your weekend? Did you stick to your plan or did you decide to take a detour? If you detoured, I hope it was a ‘one and done’ and you are back to it today!


  1. Our Group 3 Day Bone Broth Cleanse starts TODAY! (see Official post in Announcements)
  2. Our topic this week is Alternate Day Fasting
  3. Coffee with Leta (Facebook lives) has a new day and time! (Wednesdays at 11:00am PST)

We’re going to be talking about ADF on Coffee with Leta this week:

Wednesday, November 4 at 11AM PST. 


I have been doing Alternate Day Fasting (ADF) for 2 weeks now (admittedly not 100% as I had some company and had to adjust my plan) but it’s going really well. I really love this way of fasting, I find it easy to do and it feels really intuitive.

There are some things to think about when doing ADF and we’ll talk about it in much greater detail on Coffee with Leta on Wednesday, but here are the main points:

What is Alternate Day Fasting (ADF)?

- It’s a pattern of eating one day, and fasting the next

- This is not a ‘keto’ way of eating, but by combining keto with this pattern of eating, it supercharges it!

Benefits of eating this way:

- Faster weight loss

- Autophagy (body ridding itself of cellular garbage and toxins)

- Lowers inflammation

- Helps improve the look of our skin

- Lessens hunger naturally

- Easier than longer, extended fasting

How can we do Alternate Day Fasting?

- Easiest way is to stop eating after dinner

- Don’t eat the entire next day

- Then the day after, decide when you will break your fast

- If you break at breakfast, that’s about a 36 hour fast

- If you break at lunch, that’s a 42 hour fast

- If you break at dinner, that’s a 48 hour fast

► For me, I like a 42 hour fast, why?

- I am not a breakfast eater

- By eating 2 meals I can get in much more nutrient dense foods and protein (vs only eating dinner)

- I healed my hypothyroidism and want to be mindful of getting a lot of nutrient dense foods and enough protein and iron

What can we have during our fasting window?

- Modified ADF is up to 500 calories on fasting days

- MCT products

- Bone broth

- Fat and protein are best

- Avoid carbs (insulin rise)

- Me: Fatty coffee, BHB, bone broth protein shake and a fatty coffee (under 500 calories)

- But if you are not hungry, you can go zero calories in your fasting time

- I am trying to keep my protein up and I want the health benefits of the products

How often should you do ADF?

- You can do it ongoing

- You can do it periodically

- You can choose specific fasting days to work with your social life

- If you are doing this ongoing, eat 2-3 meals on your EAT days to prevent lowering your metabolism with too few calories/protein

Important to remember!

- When you eat, EAT

- Figure out your BMR & TDEE


- Take these 2 numbers and divide by 2 (to get your EAT day calories)

- Get enough protein! Min .7g per lb of lean body mass (LBM) but totally fine to go higher (many experts recommend 1g protein per lb of ‘goal body weight’. This is the # I have chosen.

The nitty gritty:

  • I will be hosting a Watch Party at 5:00 pm PST Wednesday
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Have you tried Alternate Day Fasting before? What is/was your experience? Let’s chat about it!

You got this!


~ Intentionally Bare


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