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Motivational Monday: Make Yourself a Priority for 2023

Christmas is over… now what?

Whether you stayed on course during the holidays, chose to take a little break, or have been on a break for most of the year (say this like Ross on Friends ‘WE WERE ON A BREAK!’)… what’s your plan for now?

🔹 Reflect

What went well in 2022?  What didn’t?  Don’t be hard on yourself if you haven’t been on your game… no one needs that 💗 but taking some time to decide where you want to be in 2023 and how you might do things differently to be successful is so important.  If you rocked 2022, pat yourself on the back and keep on keepin’ on!

🔹 Make a plan

Your daily habits matter and what you do ‘more’ matters.  Making a general plan of action (while allowing for some deviations if you do well with that) helps set the path for success.  Winging it usual doesn’t.  You want enough of a push that motivates you, but doesn’t paralyze you!

🔹 Support makes all the difference

There’s nothing like having a group of like-minded, supportive people in your corner!  People that are following the same path as you and understand what it’s like.  That’s what our Intentionally Bare community is all about!



How did your 2022 go?  What’s your plan for 2023?





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