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Motivational Monday: Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover

When we see someone who’s at their perfect weight it’s easy to think ‘they’re in perfect health.’  We may also judge ourselves harshly if we’re not at our goal weight.

There’s much more to good health than just our weight! 

Let’s talk about letting go of the self-judgement and focusing on what true health really means ♥️

🔷 Slim doesn’t necessarily mean healthy

I’m sure you know people that can eat pretty much anything they want and never gain weight.  They may eat fast food, junk food and sodas all day and they don’t gain weight.  The outside isn’t always a reflection of the inside.  We shouldn’t confuse ideal body weight with ideal health.

🔷 Let the numbers speak for themselves

Getting lab work to monitor your health is so important.  C-reactive protein, A1C, iron/ferritin levels, thyroid, hormones etc... there are many things you should be monitoring [speak with your doctor about what he/she recommends you monitor].  At home you can test your own blood glucose and it’s a great indicator of how your body is handling the food you’re eating.  Blood sugar too high?  Lower those carbs!

🔷 Stop comparing

No two people are exactly alike... comparing ourselves to others is so self-defeating.  If there is someone out there that motivates you towards a healthier life... great!  But comparing our bodies is so self-sabotaging.  Just because someone doesn’t have weight to lose, doesn’t mean they’re healthy.  Health first, weight loss second.  Be proud of the healthy lifestyle you’re living.  Your ‘why’ is much more than the # on the scale or the size pants you wear ♥️ 

Do you compare yourself to others? 👇