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Motivational Monday: Don’t Quit... Pivot

There are times in our lives when we may want or need to change things up, or we may not want to follow our keto/low carb plan at all. 

Changing how we do things is natural, expected and nothing to feel guilty about.  We all have our own reasons... could be an unexpected event, a vacation or maybe just emotional burn out and just thinking of adhering to ‘anything’ is overwhelming. 

But do you feel you’re either all the way ‘on’ or all the way ‘off’ and there’s no middle ground?

Let’s talk about why we shouldn’t quit completely, and what pivoting might look like:

🔷 All or Nothing

If you think of keto, low carb or any healthy eating plan as a ‘weight loss diet’ then when you decide you’re not going to adhere to it 100% there might be a tendency to abandon everything to do with that lifestyle.  This is what we need to avoid, because keto/low carb doesn’t need to be adhered to 100% in order to benefit our lives.

🔷 Health

Good health should always be our #1 priority.  Sure, we all want to lose weight, but if we don’t have our health, what good is weight loss?  Living a ketogenic/low carb lifestyle has SO many health benefits, even if we’re not tracking macros or we’ve gone much higher on our carbs.  Yes, keeping our carbs low is the hallmark of this lifestyle, but think about all of the healthy things that have now become a way of life for you.  Low carb or not, these things can be here to stay and are really healthy for us.

🔷 Ways to Pivot

Think of all of the things you’ve changed since embarking on this lifestyle.  Some examples could be:

  • Skipping breakfast for a fatty coffee
  • Swapping cauliflower rice for regular rice
  • Replaced eating 6x a day for eating 2 healthy meals a day
  • Ditching regular drinks for stevia sweetened ones
  • Finding super yummy low carb desserts that taste better than sugar laden ones
  • Realizing you bloated up when you had grains or dairy, so now they’re not a regular part of your diet
  • Feeling so good when you added more greens into your day
  • Noticed improved cognitive function and energy when you added Intentionally Bare MCT Oil or Powder to your routine

These things don’t have to go away just because you might not want to be as strict as you have been on your weight loss/health journey.  Keeping these healthy habits will continue to benefit you... and when you’re ready to get closer to the plan you were doing before, the journey back will be a lot easier.


Are you a pivoter or an all or nothing type of person?  👇


❗️ * Health information given here is based on public research and is not meant to take the place of your doctor’s advice.  Always do your own research before trying something new.