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Motivational Monday: Do it for YOU 💗

Making yourself a priority is what will carry you through to the finish line and beyond.  YOU are worth taking care of 💗

🔹 Nutrient Dense Foods

Fueling your body with fresh, nutritious food and forgoing the fake stuff is one of the best things you can do to create a healthier you.  Eat these nourishing foods because you love your body and you want to have amazing health and energy.  Don’t look at every thing you eat just as a macro or a calorie.  What is this food giving you?

🔹 Taking the Time

Planning out keto meals, buying the groceries, tracking macros, working out, drinking water… this all takes time.  But this is YOUR time and it’s a gift you give to yourself.  YOU are worth it 💗

🔹 Let go of old Habits and Mindsets

Changing old unhealthy habits and negative self-talk doesn’t happen overnight, but making the effort to change these things makes a bigger difference on your weight loss journey than you probably think.  Replace unhealthy habits with new healthy habits… replace negative thoughts with positive ones.  Make this a project!  #projectYOUareWORTHit

👉 What do you do that tells YOU that YOU are worth it? 👇


💗 Leta

~ Intentionally Bare