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Motivational Monday: Celebrate where you are

 Don't mourn where you were... Celebrate where you are ♥️ 

If you’ve had really great success in the past, but aren’t there right now… you are not alone.

It’s super easy to be hard on ourselves and be thinking about those ‘glory days’, but thinking like this doesn’t help us NOW.  If our goal is to get our mojo back, getting down on ourselves won’t get us there.

🔹 You’re further ahead than you think

Even if you’ve been off your game, I guarantee you are not the same person you were before you embarked on this health journey.  You have learned so much, and some things are such habits that you don’t even realize they are now part of your lifestyle.  You know what IS possible, even if you are not there right now in this moment of time.  Before keto, you didn’t know ‘what’ was possible.

🔹 Your value isn’t based on your weight

It’s so easy to feel like we are AMAZING people when we are on our game.  But when we’re not, we tend to think less of ourselves.  It doesn’t matter what we weigh, our value as a person is not based on what we weigh, if we worked out, or if we had a cheat day. Think of all the ways you are fantastic and how you make the world a better place, just by being you 😊

🔹 Beating yourself up isn’t motivating

Thinking things like ‘I did so great before, now look at me’ doesn’t instill motivation.  What does?  Remembering ‘I did it before, I can do it again!’ Then think about what was different then?  How can you set things up now, to put yourself in that same mindset and routine?  What plan do you need to make in order to make this happen again?  Remember how AMAZING you felt when you were on your game?  Think about those feelings!

👉 Do you ever beat yourself up when you aren’t on your game?  👇

💗 Leta

~ Intentionally Bare