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Making Consistency ‘Consistent’

Do you feel like you’re often going ‘two steps forward, 1 step back?’

By not being consistent with our eating and exercise routines, we don’t make the gains we’re really wanting.  Having one ‘one and done’ is nothing to feel bad about… but when that indulgence changes our lifestyle… that’s when we have a problem.

Routine and consistency may not always be exciting, but it sure beats ‘all or nothing’ any day of the week.

Being consistent doesn’t mean ‘never’… it may mean ‘not right now, later’ or it might mean ‘one and done, but then really DONE’.  This still allows us to have a fun and flexible life!

Here are some ways to make consistency more ‘consistent’:

🔹 Make a plan you can live with

Going super strict keto and/or hard core fasting is ok short term… but can you live this way as a lifestyle?  Probably not.  So think of things like these as ‘additions’ that you add in here or there to push through plateau’s and improve your health.  But think of what you can live with as your ‘everyday’ keto/low carb/fasting lifestyle.  We need to ENJOY the ride too 😊

🔹 Don’t let that ‘one and done’ be your excuse

Don’t let your one and done turn into the visiting relative you can’t get rid of!  You had a great visit but now it’s time to hit the road, lol.  Be real about what you can handle, if you can manage it... great!  If not, you need to figure out what will make you happy but doesn’t trigger you to stay off too long.  You also don’t want to feel like you can NEVER have something off program.  Everyone’s different – there’s a balance here and it’s up to you to find it :)

🔹 Habit Trackers

I have so many great intentions for staying consistent with my keto, fasting, skincare routine, exercise, reading etc... but I find so many times it’s not that I’m trying to avoid doing these things, I plum forget about them!! (thank you perimenopause), lol.  So I bought a Habit Tracker book (Amazon) and I wrote in all the things I want to be consistent with daily (thanks Katherine Spencer for that tip)!  Now I see it on paper and boy does it feel good to check off those boxes off every day!

👉 Do you feel you’re more successful when you are consistent?  👇


You got this!

💗 Leta

~ Intentionally Bare