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Make your keto plan work for YOU

Making your keto plan work for YOU is crucial if this is going to be your lifestyle. I find looking ahead at the calendar and planning out how I am going to do my keto makes me much more successful.

These are things I think about when I am planning ahead:

▪️ Social functions

▪️ Company

▪️ Travel

▪️ Business conferences

▪️ My cycle

▪️ Not busy times:
- Plan fasts
- Plan for bulk meal prepping/soup making etc…


If you want to add in some longer fasts (ie: 72-hour fast ) look on your calendar and see where you have 3 days with not much going on that you can dedicate to this, then plan the rest of your keto around this and other protocols you want to try.

For December I want to get in 1 – 72-hour fast (Unit 5) and 1 – 3-day bone broth cleanse (Unit 4)… so I will look ahead at my calendar to see when I can fit them in. Then I will work in different keto protocols based on my schedule. Here is an image showing you an example of one of my weeks, but I will plot out an entire month.

 Making your keto plan work for you

Of course at any time you are free to change it up, or say ‘naa... not into it’ and that’s ok! But having a plan to start off with really sets you up for success.

If you are doing lazy keto (that’s healthy keto, but not tracking) and not into doing any special keto protocols, please stick to that! You know what works for you 🙂


You got this!

Leta ~ Intentionally Bare

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