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Intentionally Bare Blog

Looking for Daily Support? We Gotcha!

Having a good support system makes a huge difference when we’re striving to better our health.   Like minded people to encourage us and answer our questions helps us to feel supported and not alone ♥️

This is why I started our Intentionally Bare Keto Support Group 4 years ago.  It’s a safe place to learn about keto/low carb and intermittent fasting in a completely safe and non-judgemental environment.

I’ve had many people in our community say they would love to have a daily ‘check in’ post in our group.  This post is for anyone to share how things are going, cheer others on or ask questions (of course you can post a question in the group anytime you like) but it can feel a little easier when we are prompted to share 😊

I started our Daily Check In posts last week, but wanted to let you know about it in case you missed it in our group.  I post them at about 5:30am PST daily.  I encourage you to comment on how you’re doing/feeling... good or bad.  You have no idea who else might be encouraged by your comment or might feel like they are not the only one feeling the way you’re feeling.  Comment on other’s comments too!  Our community is so supportive, you’ll get nothing but encouragement, cheers and love 💗

👉 Would you find a daily check in post helpful?  Will you join in?  👇

💗 Leta

~ Intentionally Bare