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Keto will Travel – Part 1

Keto will Travel – Part 1 [Tips]

I’m heading to Mexico soon and then after that, California for a good part of the winter. As a seasoned traveller I admit it can be a challenge at times to do keto/low carb/fasting... a challenge, but not impossible!

For me it’s important to stay as close to keto as I can because the alternative is that I really don’t feel very well.  Loss of energy, inflammation and water retention are the big 3 for me when I don’t do keto when travelling.

These are my ‘go to’ tips when travelling:

🔹 Fatty coffee

I love coffee, not going to lie... nothing makes my heart sing more than a Venti/large, Almond Milk Latte.  Not enough fat in it for me though so I bring my own Intentionally Bare MCT Oil Capsules in a small container and keep them in my purse. They dissolve perfectly in hot drinks. If you prefer your MCT Oil to be blended into the coffee, it’s best to just swallow these capsules with water and then drink your fatty coffee without the MCT added, as there will be a slight oil slick on the top of your coffee.  I usually have 2 keto/fatty coffee’s per day... if I’m intermittent fasting I’ll add take more MCT Oil capsules.  You can also ask your barista to add 1-2 pads of butter into your coffee too, OMG SO CREAMY!

🔹 Keep it clean, keep it low carb

For meals I stick to really clean meals.  Salad with chicken, hamburger with no bun and a salad. I use my MCT Oil Capsules and squeeze the oil on my salad, add some vinegar, lemon squeeze, salt and pepper (I skip their salad dressing which is guaranteed filled with sugar and bad oils) and I get a side of guacamole for added fat.  Chef salad’s, steak bites and any other good protein source and salads are always good choices, but make sure to ask for extra butter and olive oil... slather that stuff on!  I have been known to have each steak bite with a piece of butter... don’t knock it till you try it!

Pro Tip!  I put a safety pin in the container that I keep my MCT Oil Capsules in (in my purse) so I can puncture the capsule anytime I need to (ie: for salad dressing).  Works like a hot damn!

🔹 Drink up buttercup

Water, water, lots of water!  This doesn’t need a ton of explanation, but when I travel I’m always dehydrated and it can fool my body into thinking it’s hungry when it’s really not.  I always have a bottle of water with me and refill it at every opportunity.

🔹 Alcohol

Confession... I sometimes enjoy social drinking when I travel. Admittedly I drank a LOT more before I went into perimenopause, but I still like a few social drinks here and there.  I skip wine and beer as they’re too high in carbs and honestly give me heartburn. Instead, I have vodka and water (some people like tonic or soda water, but tonic water is very high in sugar and soda water is high in sodium.. not great if my carb load is a bit higher, so I only have regular water or sparking mineral water), on ice, and I add all natural flavor drops to it (health food store/amazon)... SO good and zero carbs.  A shot of good tequila for good measure (zero carbs).

🔹 Intermittent fasting

If I am feeling the old bloat/inflammation rise up, nothing takes that away faster than fasting.  Skipping breakfast is easy, I just have a coffee.  If I have nothing good going on for lunch I’ll make it an OMAD day.  In a perfect world I would make every day an OMAD day, but sometimes there are activities going on that include breakfast or lunch, and no way am I missing out.

❓  Do you practice any of these tips when travelling?  Do you have any travel tips you could share? 👇


You got this!

💗 Leta

~ Intentionally Bare