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Keto Will Travel

I could write a book on how to do Keto when traveling. I own and run three companies and travel a lot for business, so it can be a challenge to eat Keto.

A challenge, but not impossible.

For me, it’s essential to stay as close to Keto as I can, because the alternative is that I really don’t feel very well. Loss of energy, inflammation, and water retention are the big three for me when I don’t do Keto while traveling.

If you are taking a road trip or staying somewhere with a kitchen, that’s pretty easy, so I’ll focus on traveling by plane and staying in hotels because that’s harder and it’s pretty much my life. 

These are my ‘go to’ tips when traveling by plane. 

I love Starbucks, not going to lie. Nothing makes my heart sing more than a venti, Almond Milk Latte with two pads of butter and three stevia’s. Yup, I like it sweet. Not enough fat in it for me though, so I bring my own MCT oil powder (US | Canada) in a small container and keep it in my purse. I add it to my coffee for added fat. I have two Keto fatty coffee’s per day; maybe three if I am doing intermittent fasting and skipping lunch.

I stick to really clean meals when I'm doing Keto while traveling. Salad with chicken, hamburger with no bun and a salad. I always ask for olive oil on the side (I skip their salad dressing), and I get a side of guacamole for added fat. Chef salads, steak bites and any other good protein source with salads are always good choices, but make sure to ask for extra butter and olive oil. Slather that stuff on! I have been known to have each steak bite with a piece of butter. Don’t knock it till you try it!

Water, water, lots of water! This does not need a ton of explanation, but when I travel, I am always dehydrated, and it can fool my body into thinking it’s hungry when it’s really not. I always have a bottle of water with me and refill it at every opportunity.

Okay, another confession. I do enjoy social drinking when I travel. I skip wine and beer as they are full of sulfates and way too high in carbs. Instead, I have vodka and water (some people like tonic or soda water, but I am sodium sensitive, so I only have regular water), on ice, and I add an all natural flavor packet that I picked up at the health food store. SO good and zero carbs. A shot of good tequila for good measure (zero carbs). Yes, alcohol can pop you out of ketosis, but for me, my goal is to eat Keto, but I do not need to be in ketosis all the time.

When I eat like this, I have energy to burn, even when I am at conferences all day and up late at night. Anytime I say ‘oh why not’ and have carbs and not enough fat? I feel tired, bloated, and I can’t focus nearly as well. It’s not that hard to travel and still stay Keto, it just takes a little planning and a mindset change. When the sandwiches come in at a luncheon, I pull out my Intentionally Bare Bone Broth Powder (US | Canada) & MCT Oil Powder and mix them together in my shaker cup and enjoy my drink. Then I have a coffee with my colleagues. No one thinks it’s odd and even if they did, I really don’t care. I feel great, and that’s all that matters to me.

Next time you travel, try to think of ways you can plan ahead and have that mind shift that says ‘I can do this’ vs. ‘it’s too hard to do Keto when traveling’. It’s really not hard. In saying that, sometimes you may have something special like a vacation and you just ‘want’ to eat anything and everything; well own that! If you want to do it, do it! Sing it loud and proud! Then get home and get right back on Keto, because by then you’ll surely want to. For me, those times are sporadic because I just do not like to feel bad; feeling good feels so good!

I've put together a list of what to order at specific restaurants while you're traveling. It's a good starting point for planning a vacation around food, and it's a great resource if you're traveling at the last minute. If you need some ideas while you're in the planning stages, be sure to check out my Pinterest boards! This one is about meals to bring to work, but those meals will travel great if you're staying somewhere before your flight.

You got this!
Leta ~ Intentionally Bare

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